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Laws of Logic

Logic (within the largest sense of its topic) examines thinking’s framework, discloses the fundamental designs. In the period that is same subjective thinking, earnestly highlighting actuality and generalized, is related to vocabulary. Words that are vocabulary would be the actuality, the framework and method of utilizing which provides us understanding not just concerning their forms, […]

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Basic Teachings in the Ethics of Ancient China

In Ancient China, ethics begin with the first “Jiao” – religious and philosophical teaching. His founder was Kuhn Fuji, who lived about 551 – 479 years. BC. In Europe, he was called Confucius, and the doctrine was Confucian. Confucius and his followers summarized the spiritual heritage of earlier eras, gave it a finished look and […]

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Basic forms of logical thinking

The realistic form of thought will be the construction of the thought within the viewpoint of the way in which in which of blending its element elements, the forming of typical executive links (strategies of exhibition of tips). As the kind that is fair is to uncover a fair type strategy. Judgments various tips and […]

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Hierarchy of the main classes of values

The hierarchy of the main classes of values has been undertaken in classical axiology many times. One of the first to speak of it was E. von Hartmann (1895), who proposed the following series: pleasure – expediency – beauty – morality – religiosity, somewhat reminiscent of the hierarchy of goods in the Platonic “Filet”. In […]

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Separation of Science and Philosophy

The separation of viewpoint and technology is usually completed to the fact with reference that technology has functional importance that was instant, and viewpoint isn’t. About the foundation of accomplishments and the breakthroughs of technology, it’s feasible to create buildings that are specialized; philosophy’s thinking is sometimes even dangerous, and useless. Interested of technology Y […]

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Modern Epistemology

Nowadays, there is a broad acknowledgement directed at epistemology, or the transformative concept of knowledge. Reports of “epistemologists display” the very fact: an individual is one of the planets that are organic, and for that reason it must certainly be regarded as well as its elements that are additional. Truly, it arose along with the […]

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