Monthly Archives: November 2017

The concept of the possibility of Aristotle

The planet dialectical is made by the idea of chance in Aristotle. Aristotle omitted for that chance to contain much more, and the opposites therefore the contradictions. However the possibility’s substance is the fact that opposites are contained by it. Aristotle claims that “within the chance of the thing that is same could be the […]

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The subject of phenomenology

Phenomenology – a path within the twentieth century’s viewpoint, determining its task – description of the choice inside it of important perfect faculties and also the knowledge of the awareness. Husserl puts forward the aim of creating a common technology (common viewpoint, common ontology) that describes the “all embracing oneness to be,” which may have […]

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The main problems of ethics

Uniqueness of morality, integrity reports the genesis, substance; Discloses part and its location within society’s life; discloses the systems of ethical legislation the requirements of ethical improvement, of individual existence. He views the framework of the ethical awareness of culture and character, evaluates the meaning-of-life and meaning of groups as good evil and mind, recognition […]

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Direction of phenomenological reduction

Another path of phenomenological reduction (unearthly decrease) may be the denial of the objectivist knowledge of the psychic: within the scientific I, like “entire point”, a phenomenological flow of encounters starts up. The item (factor) is, nevertheless, the trend of the item itself isn’t, but is experienced. Understanding of significant contacts Husserl calls “consideration of […]

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