Monthly Archives: September 2018

Spiritualism in Philosophy

Spiritualism (from Latin – spiritus, spirit) – a philosophical direction that recognizes the main metaphysical basis of being a rational, animate principle. Even Greek philosophers began to sharply distinguish two orders of phenomena – physical and spiritual. This distinction has also passed to the newest philosophy, with the only difference being that the ancient philosophers, […]

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Recommendations for the performance of homework

A rare student does not face the problem of preparing homework lessons. After all, instinctively, we feel: if something is missed now, all the remaining school years will have to suffer. It is very important to develop a positive attitude to homework already from the first days of study. Time for homework Lessons must be […]

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Pantheism in Philosophy

Pantheism is a philosophical teaching that merges the essence of God with the world. God in him is not opposed to the world as his creator, but constitutes in the world one indivisible whole – he is equivalent to the world and immanent to him. In pantheism, you can see two directions, quite sharply different […]

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Dualism in Philosophy and Religion

Dualism (from Latin duo, two) – in contrast to monism, is a way of explaining an individual part of reality or the whole world, in which two opposing principles begin to exist. Thus, in some systems of religious and moral worldview, for example, in the teaching of Zoroaster, a good being is introduced as the […]

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Materialism in Philosophy

Materialism (Latin) means in the theoretical sense that metaphysical realism, which regards “matter” as the ultimate basis of all reality, whether it will still be an extended body mass, or an aggregate of scattered particles (molecules, atoms) separated by an empty space. As a realism, materialism differs from nihilism and idealism by assuming the material […]

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