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Idealism in philosophy

Idealism is a philosophical term. First of all, practical and theoretical idealism must be distinguished. Practical or ethical idealism denotes the distinctive direction and color of all psychic life and activity of a person guided by ideals. The idealist applies his ideals to reality, he does not ask about what things are, but about what […]

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Mysticism and history

Mysticism (from the Greek word “mysterium” is a mystery) signifies the desire for such a comprehension of the supersensible and divine by means of inner contemplation, which leads to the immediate union of the human spirit with the deity and with the supersensible world. This is the current that gives the religious feeling the highest […]

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Cognition in philosophy

The question of cognition, its possibilities, content and boundaries is one of the most difficult problems solved by philosophy, and moreover it has the special feature that the more you go deeper, the more you become aware of its importance. Hardly noticed by the first philosophers, in the new philosophy he came to the fore. […]

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Writing a quality essay

When it is necessary to cope as quickly as possible with the selection of a particular type of student work, it is best to immediately apply to the professionals of your business, if you yourself are not sure that you will be able to implement it. In addition, sometimes student work and study is so […]

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