5 Priceless Reasons to Obtain Cisco CCIE Collaboration Certification

Collaboration is a corporate buzzword that has increasingly gained popularity in the business world. Effective collaboration plays a key role in improving the enterprise’s performance. That is why any organization that craves productivity won’t hesitate to build its business goals around teamwork as one of the fastest ways to edge out the stiff competition. This article discusses how the certbolt CCIE Collaboration certification can help you become a valuable asset to your organization by managing complex collaboration solutions. and why you need this credential today more than ever before.

Attaining the CCIE Collaboration Certificate: What’s Involved? 

The path to becoming a CCIE Collaboration certified professional is comprehensive and involves passing two exams. These include the core exam, certbolt 350-801, and a hands-on lab assessment, commonly called the CCIE Collaboration v3.0. Even though there are no basic requisites for pursuing the CCIE Collaboration accreditation, candidates are recommended to possess at least 5-7 years of proven experience managing collaboration solutions before facing the associated exams.

Reasons to Obtain the CCIE Collaboration Certification

Below are the top 5 reasons to become Cisco CCIE Collaboration accredited:

1. Collaborate without Limits

The certbolt CCIE Collaboration certification is designed for expert-level IT professionals willing to demonstrate their mastery of advanced collaboration technologies. If you want to gain the skills needed to design, deploy, operate, and optimize collaboration solutions at the expert level, get ahead of your peers with this credential.

2. Top Job Roles Await You

By becoming a CCIE Collaboration certified professional, you are equipped with valuable skills to help you fill top job roles, including the following:

  • Senior Voice Engineer
  • Senior Collaboration Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer

3. Get a Hefty Paycheck

There’s no denying that fat paychecks are one of the biggest motivational factors when pursuing new certification programs. And the certbolt Collaboration credential doesn’t fall short in this regard, making you a trusted IT professional and a vital asset for your organization. The holders of the CCIE Collaboration certification are some of the best-paid IT professionals earning an average of $130,077 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

4. A Chance to Secure Your IT Career

Sometimes, IT professionals pursue new certifications purely because they want to stay relevant in the field. And you can’t blame them, considering the competitive nature of the modern workplace environments. With the demand for certified networking professionals at an all-time high, there’s little to worry about a recession, if you have the right technical skills. And the certbolt Collaboration certificate belongs to a special category of advanced-level Cisco credentials that can help you secure your long-term IT career. If that’s not enough reason to become certified, what is?

5. A Rare Opportunity to Work Internationally

Who wouldn’t love an opportunity to go international? Cisco certifications such as CCIE Collaboration cut across all industries, and getting certified in this field enables you to explore your employment options beyond the horizon. By becoming accredited, you demonstrate your knowledge of core collaboration solutions on the global landscape, so you can fill a job role that requires your skills from anywhere.

Final Thoughts Teamwork is one of the key pillars of success in modern business environments. And the earlier you understand this, the easier it becomes to get out of your comfort zone. Whether you want to deepen your expertise in core collaboration solutions or seek a new job opportunity, the certbolt Collaboration certification is a measure of excellence. Ready to get your certification? Good luck with your preparation for the two associated exams!