Are STIHL parts interchangeable?

Are STIHL parts interchangeable?

Multiply your productivity and performance with multi-tasking tools from STIHL. These versatile tools feature dependable, hardworking engines and universal power trains that accept a variety of interchangeable attachments. With the STIHL YARD BOSS®, you’re the master of your outdoor domain.

What size chain does a STIHL MS261 take?

Oils & Lubricants

MS 261 Specifications – Professional Use
GUIDE BAR LENGTH (Recommended) 16 in.

Does STIHL still make the MS261?

Stihl 261 Chainsaw Review One of the best things about the MS261 is that it has an excellent 1.6 power-to-weight ratio. To explain this further, let’s compare it with the cheaper Stihl MS271, which is in the farm and ranch series. Without fuel and oil, the 261 weighs 10.8 pounds and has a 4hp engine.

What is the difference between a STIHL 361 and 362?

The MS 361 was discontinued and made MS 362 because of increasingly stringent EPA regulations. The 361 was a conventional two stroke motor whereas the MS 362 is a “strato” saw (like the 441) which has significantly better emissions.

What is the best Stihl Kombi engine?

KM 94 RC-E
For larger gardens, the KM 94 RC-E is the best choice. This engine also features ErgoStart and our 2-MIX technology, plus it has an ECOSPEED power control too so you can easily control the speed of the engine from the button on the handle.

What chain does MS261 use?

Stihl 3639 000 0067 Chainsaw Chain – Stihl Rapid Super – RS – 67 Drive Links fits 16″ (40cm) Stihl MS261 chainsaw. A high-performance full chisel saw chain for professional forestry & arborists. Uses include felling, bucking, limbing in medium to heavy stands with mid to high powered chainsaws.

How much does a Stihl ms261 cost?

STIHL MS 261: $599.95.

How much does a Stihl 362 cost?

Starting a $809.99 with a 18″ bar and chain. Brains and brawn come together in this well-rounded professional chainsaw. The MS 362 C-M features the same great power, weight and fuel efficiency as the MS 362, but also features our exclusive STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology.