Are Suzuki Jimnys any good?

Are Suzuki Jimnys any good?

Although the Jimny didn’t feature in the 2018 What Car? Reliability Survey, Suzuki was the most reliable manufacturer for cars up to four years old, beating Lexus and Toyota to the top spot. That should be reassuring to anyone looking at heading into the wilderness with their Jimny.

Is Suzuki Jimny underpowered?

On the highway it does feel underpowered and vulnerable – wind gusts and big trucks easily rattle it – but if you’re ready for that, then it’s no problem. And you should be ready for that because the Jimny is obviously small. In terms off comfort, seats all-round are more firm than spongy-comfy but they’re okay.

Why is Jimny banned in UK?

The Light Commercial Vehicle of the Suzuki Jimny is now on sale, marking the return of the cult favourite 4×4 to the UK market. Stringent emissions regulations meant the Jimny was pulled from sale as a passenger car in 2020, though the removal of the rear seats now allows it to be sold as a commercial vehicle.

Are Jimnys good off-road?

Its small size and weight are its greatest allies off-road. It’s kind of half side-by-side, half four-wheel drive. While it doesn’t have the raw ground clearance other larger 4WDs have, the Jimny does have stacks of real-world clearance for off-road work.

What goes wrong with Suzuki Jimny?

A total of 5425 cars were affected by a recall launched on 26 July 2010 for an issue with the power steering pulley that may fail, reducing power steering assistance. Examples built between 9 May 2012 and 24 March 2014 potentially had a problem with the lateral suspension rods to the front and rear axle becoming loose.

Are Suzuki Jimnys expensive to run?

While the CO2 emissions aren’t fantastic, the fuel consumption isn’t that bad. Even on prolonged high-speed runs, the Jimny can return over 40mpg in the real world – despite the absence of turbocharging and other neat tricks. Compared to bloated SUVs and bulked-up superminis, the Jimny is unlikely to cost much to run.

Why is Suzuki Jimny so expensive?

Yes, the adorable Suzuki Jimny costs more than even the Mazda CX-30. Being an imported model, the made-in-Japan (CBU) Suzuki Jimny is slapped with a 75-percent excise duty and 30-percent import duty, bumping the already-expensive price even higher up.

Can you turbo a Jimny?

especially when you drive a Suzuki Jimny, which is why Carlos Gono from AutoPlus Sportzentrium in the Philippines built this turbocharged 200hp Jimny. Thanks to the addition of a turbo-kit sourced from the UAE, Carlos’s Jimny goes from the standard 75hp (55kW) at the wheels to a stonking 155hp (115kW).

Why can’t I buy a new Jimny?

Why was the Suzuki Jimny taken off sale in the UK? Suzuki stopped selling the Jimny passenger car in the UK in 2020. It came as the carmaker hybridised its model line-up to meet CO2 emissions regulations.

How fast is a Suzuki Jimny?

There’s only one choice of engine in the Jimny: a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol unit that makes its 100bhp and 95lb ft of torque without the help of a turbocharger. With the standard five-speed manual gearbox, acceleration is less than leisurely and top speed is just 90mph.

Does Jimny have a diff lock?

Moving onto the harder stuff, the Jimny is equipped with low- and high-range gearing, but it doesn’t have an auto locking differential, it has a brake-lock differential instead.

Is a Suzuki Jimny cheap to run?

Despite its small size and lightweight construction, the Jimny’s four-wheel drive system means running costs are relatively high. Don’t be fooled: despite the new Suzuki Jimny’s lightweight construction and dinky dimensions, it’s unlikely to be a cheap car to run. Especially if you often drive off-road in 4×4 mode.

Is the Suzuki Jimny Mk3 a good car?

The MK3 model we look at here feels crude in terms of ride, handling and refinement but it’s hard to grumble at the prices being asked. Although running costs are quite high, the Jimny is still just about the cheapest viable off-roader from the 1998-2018 era on the market.

How much does a Suzuki Jimny car cost?

For $19,990 (manual) or $22,490 (automatic), the Suzuki Jimmy gives you a weekend/holiday escape to just about anywhere plus reasonable working week drivability and convenience. Car Showroom enjoyed a week behind the wheel of the entry-level manual Jimny and to be honest we found it hard to fault.

What kind of features does the Mercedes E350 have?

The features list befits a car in this segment, too—burled-wood trim, a central info screen, 11 airbags, drowsiness warning, and leather—and the options list includes the requisite high-end audio, a sport package, and more leather and wood.

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