Are there sols in 2021?

Are there sols in 2021?

The commonwealth’s SOL testing in 2019-2020 was cancelled, which means the 2021 SOL tests were the first state assessments administered in two years. Students were required to take state assessments in school buildings to maintain testing security protocols.

Is 500 a good sol score?

A student must get a raw score of 400 or higher on their SOL(s) in order to pass the test. A student’s advancement to the next grade is not contingent on passing any SOL tests. Passing with a raw score of 500 is considered advanced/proficient. A perfect score is 600.

What is the passing score for Sol 2021?

A score of 400 is considered passing for a Virginia SOL test. For spring 2021, students currently enrolled in a course, who score between a 350-399 will earn verified credit towards meeting graduation requirements.

What happens if you fail the SOL?

State law requires that children who fail all of the SOL tests in grades 3-8 or who fail an end-of-course test required for a verified unit of credit must receive appropriate remedial services as determined by the division. The school has notified me that my child needs to attend summer school.

What percentage is a 400 on an SOL?

The bearded principal said that the past SOL conversion chart was “rather generous.” Regarding students achieving a 400 on the SOL, Roethel noted, “So, what we’re saying is that the minimum that you need to pass an SOL in the current chart…which, if you think about the minimum in this case, would be 70 percent…

Will there be SOLs in 2022?

Schools will be assigned a rating of “Accreditation Waived,” the same rating assigned for schools for 2020-2021 under a wavier issued in April. Accreditation ratings are based on performance during the previous school year.

What is the lowest SOL score?

Student performance is graded on a scale of 0-600 with 400 representing the minimum level of acceptable proficiency and 500 representing advanced proficiency.

Is 450 a good sol score?

School A: 95 % pass rate – average score of 450, and. School B: 95 % pass rate – average score of 500 (which is considered “advanced proficiency”).

Is Sol exam hard?

The tests are harder, of that there is no doubt, judging by the results — lower scores across the Commonwealth–and by student observation. I’m not sure that “harder” equates with rigor, however, unless running farther equates with running faster.

How do I study for Sol?


  1. READ ALL OF THE ANSWER CHOICES. Just as it is important to read the entire test question, it is also important to read and carefully consider all of the answer choices.
  2. TRY EVERY ANSWER. Try out every answer.

Do Sol scores matter to colleges?

The SOL are valid, reliable, and fair according to independent testing experts. TRUTH: The state’s own validity and reliability report suggests that SOL test scores should not be used as barriers to graduation or accreditation.

How do you get 600 on Sol?

A 600 means the student missed either zero, one or two questions, depending on the test. On the elementary science tests last year, students needed to be perfect. On the history tests, they could miss one or two.

Where can I find practice items for Sol?

The Practice Items can be accessed using a standard Web browser and selecting the button below. An alternative way to access the Practice Items is to download and install the TestNav application. Note: While the Practice Items can be viewed on various devices, students will only complete state assessments on devices with a minimum 9.5” screen size.

Where can I find the released SOL tests?

If you experience difficulty printing or viewing, visit: Adobe’s Troubleshoot Printing Problems page. Recent Braille and Large Print versions of the released SOL tests are available in hard copy. Please contact the division director of testing in your local school division for additional information.

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