Can you get married on a beach in Puerto Rico?

Can you get married on a beach in Puerto Rico?

Destination weddings in the Caribbean are all about the beaches, and Puerto Rico delivers almost 300 miles of stunning coastline. These four wedding-worthy locales are some of the most beautiful places in the world to tie the knot. Visitors take a stroll on the sandy beach of Playa Sucia.

How much does a destination wedding in Puerto Rico cost?

The cost of a wedding in Puerto Rico will depend on the type of event that the couple prefers. Our average customer spends between USD 45.000 and USD 50.000 in the event”, tells Maribel.

Is it expensive to get married in Puerto Rico?

Getting a marriage license in Puerto Rico will cost you $150 as you need to purchase an IRS stamp that you submit with your documents.

Where can I get married in Puerto Rico?

Medical Clearance. Both spouses must be deemed healthy before your wedding gets the green light. If at least one party is a Puerto Rico resident, then both of you need to go for blood tests.

Can you get married at El Morro in Puerto Rico?

The stunning oceanfront fort is a beautiful wedding venue for a destination wedding in Puerto Rico*. The grounds are expansive, encompassing historic stone structures, beautiful green space (sometimes used for picnics and flying kites), and breathtaking views of San Juan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Are weddings allowed in Puerto Rico?

To get married in Puerto Rico you don’t need to be a resident or an American citizen; the only requirement is your desire to get married in our enchanted island. A marriage license is required and must be requested in writing. Both the bride and groom must appear in person at the time of applying for the license.

What are the steps to get married in Puerto Rico?

REQUIREMENTS TO GET MARRIED IN PUERTO RICO. So you finally decided to take the next step in making your relationship official.

  • Where to obtain a marriage license.
  • Do I need a blood test to get married in Puerto Rico?

    The laboratory or blood test required to be married in Puerto Rico is for the STDs of syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV. The results must be dated within 24 days of your wedding date.

    Where to go for a wedding in Puerto Rico?

    Head to the St. Regis Bahia Beach. Designated as an Audubon Signature Sanctuary, this sprawling resort is set between a national forest and soft, sandy beaches, giving you the best Puerto Rico has to offer.

    When is the best time to get married in Puerto Rico?

    The best time of year to get married in Puerto Rico Choosing a date for your Puerto Rico destination wedding? Puerto Rico is an ideal destination from mid-December to late April or early May – after hurricane season has passed, but before the summer rains arrive.

    Is there an enchanted honeymoon in Puerto Rico?

    Best of all, your Enchanted Honeymoons travel planner can help you make all necessary arrangements for securing your marriage certificate. Nestled in the northeast Caribbean, Puerto Rico sets the stage for a romantic destination wedding. Plus, there’s a long list of things to discover in Puerto Rico.

    How big is a wedding in Puerto Rico?

    What size wedding are you planning? Just the two of us Small and Intimate (1-24 guests) A Happy Medium (25-49 guests) Large Group (50-99 guests) A Grand Affair (100+ guests) Explore lush rain forests and vibrant cities for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico.