Can you speak slower or slowly?

Can you speak slower or slowly?

The correct one is “Could you speak more slowly?” because speak is a verb and you are modifying the action of the verb. Therefore, an adverb, not an adjective, is needed.

Can I say more slow?

4 Answers. Slow can be an adverb as well as an adjective. Not all native speakers know this, and some will tell you it’s wrong to say ‘Speak slower’. If you don’t want to risk upsetting them, you can certainly say ‘Speak more slowly’.

Is it correct to say more slowly?

Yes, it’s grammatically correct. Slowly is an adverb derived from the adjective slow by the addition of the suffix -ly, which is the typical mechanism in English for deriving adverbs from adjectives. The comparative form of adverbs is formed by using the word more. So, this is a grammatically correct phrase.

What is the difference between slow and slowly?

Usually slow is used as an adjective and slowly is used as an adverb, but slow can also be used as an adverb. When an adverb does not have the usual -ly ending it is called a flat adverb or plain adverb and it looks the same as its adjective form. (Note: Slowly is never used as an adjective.)

What is more slowly?

With your original question the comparative of SLOW is SLOWER, superlative SLOWEST. Slowly is an adverb and therefore you can use MORE slowly and MOST slowly.

What is another word for slowly?

What is another word for slowly?

steadily unhurriedly
slow sluggishly
tardily without hurrying
by degrees at a leisurely pace
at a slow pace at your leisure

Why do we say more slowly?

More slowly is an alternative comparative form, meaning the same as slower. Any adjective can be made into a comparative in this way. Most multisyllable adjectives have this as their only comparative form.

Is it driving slow or slowly?

“Drive slowly” is correct grammar. You may run into “drive slow”, but not everyone uses correct grammar. “Drive slowly” is the right answer.

What is very in very slowly?

at a very slow pace. extremely slow. extremely slowly. glacial pace. kinda slow.

Are fast and slow adverbs?

Both “slow” and “fast” can be either adjectives (a slow drip, a fast computer) or adverbs (The nervous student turned the knob slow. The car goes fast.) As adverbs, “slow” and “fast” describe how an action was taken. “Slow,” however, can become “slowly.” (“Fastly” isn’t accepted as a standard form.)

Is it walk slow or walk slowly?

In this particular case, slow is almost similar to the word fast. ‘Walk fast’ is here the correct version. However, using slow it is ‘walk slowly’. You could say ‘walk slow’ too, but slowly is more common.

What is a good word for walking slowly?


What is another word for walk slowly?

What is another word for walk slowly?

dawdle amble
take a stroll mope
linger ramble
take it easy dally
move slowly dilly-dally

What is the word for walking slowly?

other words for walk slowly amble. meander. mope. ramble. traipse.

What is linger?

intransitive verb. 1 : to be slow in parting or in quitting something : tarry fans lingered outside the door. 2a : to remain existent although often waning in strength, importance, or influence lingering doubts lingering odors.

What is dilly dally?

intransitive verb. : to waste time by loitering or delaying : dawdle.

What does amble mean?

: to go at or as if at an easy gait : saunter spent the day ambling through the park.

What does lurking mean?

1a : to lie in wait in a place of concealment especially for an evil purpose someone out there lurking in the shadows. b : to move furtively or inconspicuously shall I lurk about this country like a thief?—

What is the meaning of rations?

1a : a food allowance for one day. b rations plural : food, provisions. 2 : a share especially as determined by supply. ration.

What is meaning of dry rations?

These dry rations are the quota for the month of May, the official said, which are provided to ensure that the students receive the adequate nutrition as the schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does disdainful mean?

: full of or expressing contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior : full of or expressing scorn or disdain a disdainful glare is disdainful of all modern art.

What is a balanced ration?

A balanced ration is the amount of feed that will supply the proper amount and proportions of nutrients needed for an animal to perform a specific purpose such as growth, maintenance, lactation or gestation.

What are the characteristics of a balanced ration?

A balanced ration is thus more purposeful and beneficial….

  • The feed must be well prepared.
  • Hard grains like gram, barley, wheat, maize, etc., should be ground before feeding so that their mastication may become easy.
  • Coarse fodders like dry jowar, bajra and green fodders of these crops should be chaffed before feeding.

What are feedstuffs?

FEEDSTUFFS: A feedstuff is any product, of natural or artificial origin, that has nutritional value in the diet when properly prepared.

What is the first step to balance a ration for an animal?

There are four steps to the Pearson Square method: 1) balance for energy first (TDN), which is the nutrient required in the greatest amount; 2) determine if this ration will also meet the animal’s crude protein requirements; 3) if protein requirements are not met by the ration, determine the amount of additional pro- …