Learn more about the general theory of the nature of the socio-aesthetic values of life and culture

Recommendations for the performance of homework

A rare student does not face the problem of preparing homework lessons. After all, instinctively, we feel: if something is missed now, all the remaining school years will have to suffer. It is very important to develop a positive attitude to homework already from the first days of study. Time for homework Lessons must be […]

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How to Get an Appropriate Essay Help Online

The Internet covers a huge amount of data and informational sources. Once, a customer makes a decision to pick up an essay writing service. There are so many organizations available in an online environment. Therefore, it can cause a bit of confusion. A client may get trapped, proceed with the payment and receive a pre-written […]

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Objective and subjective concept of values

Objective and subjective ideas of ideals led towards the development of two primary instructions due to their further understanding. Objectivists try to look for out this is of “actual worth”, to show that not necessarily exactly what an individual values, may be worth appraising (the issue of fake values). Subjectivists demand that values refer to […]

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Hierarchy of the main classes of values

The hierarchy of the main classes of values has been undertaken in classical axiology many times. One of the first to speak of it was E. von Hartmann (1895), who proposed the following series: pleasure – expediency – beauty – morality – religiosity, somewhat reminiscent of the hierarchy of goods in the Platonic “Filet”. In […]

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Functions of values

Values for their functions aren’t just targeted at the near future. Additionally they act practices, as social practices, proven norms, which guarantee an association using the past that will be within the training of the positive emotions of specific significance, the bequest of household duties within their meaning that is ethical. Worth representations control people’s […]

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Modern stage of axiology

The need for axiology when comparing to the classical current phase is extremely moderate. It may be restricted to three occasions of the current “axiological motion”: challenging that axiology was pressured to defend myself against the section of a few of the top philosophers of the 20th-century; Individual instructions within the improvement of traditional types […]

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Axiological naturalism

The suggestions of naturalism were guarded by Perry (worth like a spinoff of curiosity), D. Morris (worth like a spinoff of need), and D. Lewis (worth like a «long term feeling of fulfillment», however the most critical number listed here is T. Dewey. Within the “Concept of Analysis” (1939), he differentiates, to some significantly higher […]

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Philosophical theory of values

For that very first time within the background of viewpoint Aristotle’s logic considered values’ issue. In his viewpoint, the essential idea that decides individual thoughts of “appealing” and “corect “‘s lifestyle may be “great “‘s idea. Bless “is known as or what’s greatest for each being…, or why is other activities which are involved with […]

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