In this section, we will talk about the division of philosophy, the subject of which is morality and ethical life

Ethics of Hesiod

From Hesiod’s poem “Works and Days” one can start the ancient ethics. In Homer’s poems, people and gods are immoral. They have nothing sacred. There is only one virtue – bravery and only one vice – cowardice. Homer’s Odysseus is not at a loss in the choice of means. He does not know the pangs […]

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The main problems of ethics

Uniqueness of morality, integrity reports the genesis, substance; Discloses part and its location within society’s life; discloses the systems of ethical legislation the requirements of ethical improvement, of individual existence. He views the framework of the ethical awareness of culture and character, evaluates the meaning-of-life and meaning of groups as good evil and mind, recognition […]

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The importance of ethical teachings for modern ethics

Inadequate (not relevant to the importance of the subject) attitude of modern society to the problems of morality can be illustrated by how we relate to the discipline of ethics. What place in our education is given to ethics, we all know. At best, it is studied in depth at specialized humanitarian faculties, and that […]

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The moral ideal

Aristotle thought that for benefactors’ useful research, one should possibly have discernment, useful knowledge, or follow coaching or the instance of the virtuous individual. Functionality, discernment permit us to understand within the atmosphere and create the best choice to attain a goal (great): advantage produces the best objective, and discernment – the way to it. […]

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Basic Teachings in the Ethics of Ancient China

In Ancient China, ethics begin with the first “Jiao” – religious and philosophical teaching. His founder was Kuhn Fuji, who lived about 551 – 479 years. BC. In Europe, he was called Confucius, and the doctrine was Confucian. Confucius and his followers summarized the spiritual heritage of earlier eras, gave it a finished look and […]

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The Importance of Ethics for Aristotle

Aristotle, having regarded integrity when it comes to individual (and never heavenly) will, created guy responsible well-being and for their own future. This he declined the spiritual idea and Phenomenology of the Spirit that was legendary, based on which disappointment or the wellbeing of guy is dependent upon fate’s vagaries. Aristotle likewise omitted piety from […]

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The concept of Ethics

Within the contemporary program of orientations that are religious, the resistance of two ideals that are polar – two concepts ideological perceptions – a technocrat is actually demonstrated. The very first is linked to the acknowledgement of the primacy of engineering and engineering whilst the primary facets of globe improvement. On its foundation a type […]

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Morality of modern society

Because Modern society’s primary mantra is “happiness for people’s optimum number,” ethical requirements shouldn’t be to recognizing the desires of the man or woman a – even when somebody doesn’t like these wishes. But just as long as they don’t damage people that are other. It ought to be mentioned that out of both of […]

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