Science dealing with the description and classification of phenomena is described in details here

Pantheism in Philosophy

Pantheism is a philosophical teaching that merges the essence of God with the world. God in him is not opposed to the world as his creator, but constitutes in the world one indivisible whole – he is equivalent to the world and immanent to him. In pantheism, you can see two directions, quite sharply different […]

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Mysticism and history

Mysticism (from the Greek word “mysterium” is a mystery) signifies the desire for such a comprehension of the supersensible and divine by means of inner contemplation, which leads to the immediate union of the human spirit with the deity and with the supersensible world. This is the current that gives the religious feeling the highest […]

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Difference between mental and physical phenomena

Awareness is anything straight natural in the same time-something mystical and in us. Awareness appears anything self-evident, self that is -comprehensible and in the same period incomprehensible and evasive. Our awareness is straight owned by us: we understand, delight judge or grieve, it’s worth inquiring consciousness’ substance – and that which was nearly unavailable and […]

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Time and Truth

Phenomenology includes typically compared “facts in themselves” (perfect, classic items) and also the complete temporary circulation of awareness, representation and period, time and being. The flow of the perfect item and also consciousness are two types of no psychological contacts both rods of the world, of awareness. Husserl recognizes the common and also the perfect; […]

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The subject of phenomenology

Phenomenology – a path within the twentieth century’s viewpoint, determining its task – description of the choice inside it of important perfect faculties and also the knowledge of the awareness. Husserl puts forward the aim of creating a common technology (common viewpoint, common ontology) that describes the “all embracing oneness to be,” which may have […]

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Direction of phenomenological reduction

Another path of phenomenological reduction (unearthly decrease) may be the denial of the objectivist knowledge of the psychic: within the scientific I, like “entire point”, a phenomenological flow of encounters starts up. The item (factor) is, nevertheless, the trend of the item itself isn’t, but is experienced. Understanding of significant contacts Husserl calls “consideration of […]

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Intentionality, meaning, subject matter

Husserl formulates a program of “genuine judgment”, the idea of most concepts; The theory includes valuations as a homogeneous substance; The connections of the valuations that underlie the theoretical associations-the connections of facts-differ, around the one hand, from your bonds of expertise in cognition, that is, From the connections of psychological acts, and to the […]

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Basic methodological procedures of phenomenological reduction

Through the decrease a low is – consciousness that is extraordinary, or consciousness that is real. Awareness functions like a flow the weather which is phenomena, of encounters. Consequently, the doctrine of the framework of experiences’ flow is known as phenomenology. Phenomenology’s principle may be of examining the worldwide framework of awareness, the theory. Intention […]

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Intersubjectivity and historicity

Inter-subjectivity issue may be the road to the issue of cognition’s detachment. The planet is given in awareness to us, but is provided as separate of it. To explain such a’s fundamental possibility given is among the duties that Husserl didn’t increase. For this it’s essential to discover the complete border between one’s own. The […]

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