Did tanks Sidescrape?

Did tanks Sidescrape?

In image #2, tanks like the Maus can be used to sidescrape off. German tanks (With their infamous flat lower plate) can use their lower plate to bait an auto bounce.

What is Sidescraping wot?

Side-scraping simply describes the method of angling your side armor at a steep angle toward your opponent while keeping your front protected.

What is reverse side scraping?

Thus reverse side scraping, having your rear facing the point your sidescraping from, lets you move FORWARD out of cover to better get your gun and turret on target. This of course, all determining that you have great side armor for doing this, and great position.

How does armor work world of tanks?

In World of Tanks normalization for APCR shells is 2° while AP shells is 5°. This lowers the armor value that the shell needs to travel through making it easier to penetrate and do damage. For example: The 150mm plate at 50° when hit by an AP shell will actually be at 45° when the armor value is calculated.

What is hull down in a tank?

In modern armoured warfare, hull-down is a position taken up by an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) so that its hull (the main part of the vehicle) is behind a crest or other raised ground, but its turret (or a superstructure or roof-mounted weapon) is exposed.

Why do Russian tanks have poor gun depression?

Notably, Soviet and Russian tanks after World War II have very low profiles, but pay for this advantage by having a poor range of gun depression. Their low turret roof stops the rising gun breech when the muzzle is depressed. Soviet tactics didn’t neglect the defence, however.

How is sidescraping used in World of tanks?

Sidescraping. Sidescraping is an armor angling technique whereby the side of the tank is angled sharply towards the enemy at an angle greater than 60 degrees whereby most enemy shots bounce. Angles greater than 70 degrees will almost definitely bounce if an enemy round was to hit the side hull.

How to hit a moving target in World of tanks?

The key of course to hitting a moving target in particular one that is travelling at a decent speed is to lead the target. Leading the target involves aiming in front of the enemy tank with sufficient distance to allow the tank round to travel. The further away the enemy tank is the more leading distance required for a successful hit.

Can a tank destroyer be attacked from the front?

Attacking tank destroyers from the front can mean certain death due to their often both thick and sloped frontal armor and powerful forward-locked gun, but their weak side and rear armor and inability to shoot in any direction but forward means tracking them and maneuvering around them can make for an easy kill.

How does scouting work in World of tanks?

Scouting is a key feature in World of Tanks. Scouting is where a tank spots a tank or tanks on the enemy team. This role can be filled by any tank, but it is best carried out by the light tanks in battles, due to their speed, view range, and camo that no other tank can match.