Direction of phenomenological reduction

Another path of phenomenological reduction (unearthly decrease) may be the denial of the objectivist knowledge of the psychic: within the scientific I, like “entire point”, a phenomenological flow of encounters starts up. The item (factor) is, nevertheless, the trend of the item itself isn’t, but is experienced. Understanding of significant contacts Husserl calls “consideration of essences”, and also awareness analysis’ world may be the research of the subtleties functions of will, of notion, storage, dream, question, etc. – equivalent in quantity with normal technology.

Not just awareness, but additionally individual in general is worldwide. Difficult, L. Merlot- among the primary reps of German phenomenology, Ponte, declared herself to become just a bit of the planet, just a of mental natural and sociological study. The one’s concept – irreducibility and detachment of awareness and individual to anything apart from themselves stays among the primary for Husserl phenomenology of the globe and also individual.

The key distinction characterizing the work of awareness may be the distinction between your main, instead imprecise as well as the path of awareness (the meaning of meaning) and also the recognized purpose (the conclusion of meaning). Main purpose could be recognized in sign, image, in dream and, lastly, in-direct notion, once the intended topic is sufficient and many full. Below it’s feasible to handle the next tautology: the look of the particular framework could be symbolized from the builder and his atmosphere within the type of a picture, subsequently like a mark, subsequently within the type of a drawing, but only if the look is applied, the builder herself yet others may completely enjoy this notion.

The world of contact and continuity of awareness, individual lifestyle and also the objective globe is just a world of phenomena, “home-in-itself-many-exposing” (Heidegger). A, to something, a self-sufficient and self-useful thing of beauty, doesn’t point for instance. Nonetheless, the trend doesn’t lie at first glance – there is of art a work not available. Self-disclosure of the trend is main compared to connection of the item and also the topic. Way of “reactivation” of phenomena that permit to replicate often to the perspectives of connotations – reflexing decrease as its starting place.