Do both prokaryotes and eukaryotes have organelles?

Do both prokaryotes and eukaryotes have organelles?

The primary distinction between these two types of organisms is that eukaryotic cells have a membrane-bound nucleus and prokaryotic cells do not. The nucleus is only one of many membrane-bound organelles in eukaryotes. Prokaryotes, on the other hand, have no membrane-bound organelles.

Is DNA a cell organelle?

Eucariotic cells contain several organelles. The nucleus contains most of the DNA in a cell and this DNA is called the chromosomal DNA….1. Which organelles contain DNA ?

Type of DNA Organism size in base pairs
mitochondrial DNA protozoa 22 x 103 – 40 x 103

Why centrosome is absent in plant cell?

D) No spindle formed. Hint: Centrosomes are organelle usually containing two cylindrical structures called centrioles. Centrioles are paired organelles which help in cell division by organizing spindle fibers. They form centrosomes which are absent in plant cells and yet plant cells divide.

Are spindle fibers found in animal cells?

Found only in animal cells, these paired organelles are typically located together near the nucleus in the centrosome, a granular mass that serves as an organizing center for microtubules. These spindle fibers act as guides for the alignment of the chromosomes as they separate later during the process of cell division.

What is another word for spindle fiber?


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What is a spindle fiber composed of?

Spindle fibers are filaments that form the mitotic spindle in cell division, i.e. mitosis and meiosis. They are chiefly involved in moving and segregating the chromosomes during nuclear division. Spindle fibers are made up of microtubules. Microtubules are polymers of alpha- and beta-tubulin dimers.

What is the difference between spindle fibers and microtubules?

They are the same thing. As the others have written, microtubules are a “track” that can move organelles around when “motor” proteins (that cleave ATP) pull those organelles. The spindle is what moves the chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis.

Are spindle fibers used in meiosis?

Spindle fibers function similarly in meiosis, where four daughter cells are formed instead of two, by pulling homologous chromosomes apart after they have been duplicated to prepare for division. Prophase: Spindle fibers form at opposite poles of the cell.