Do Ezra and Aria break up in season 5?

Do Ezra and Aria break up in season 5?

Rosewood high rehires Ezra as an English teacher and Aria starts questioning her relationship with Ezra, especially after the headmaster asks her whether she is ‘seeing’ Ezra occasionally or not. Finally Aria feels she is not a part of Ezra’s life anymore and she decides to break up with Ezra.

What happens in the season 5 finale of PLL?

At the end of last week’s episode, Ali was found guilty of Mona’s murder. Before the ink on the verdict was dry, Tanner ordered Spencer, Aria and Emily to be arrested as accessories to the crime. We see Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna in the back of a van, presumably on their way to the correctional facility.

What happens with Aria and Ezra in the end?

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) and Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) get married, which is definitely something that fans wanted to witness. It’s hard to imagine a better ending for Aria.

Is Aria pregnant with Ezra’s baby?

The show revealed on Thursday (via social media) that Aria and Ezra have welcomed a baby girl. The news was presented as a faux text conversation between Alison and Aria, which also revealed that their daughter got her middle name from Aria’s mom: Aria: I have exciting news.

Why do Aria and Ezra Break Up Season 5?

Under the guise of wanting to franchise The Brew, Ezra (Ian Harding) confronted the lawyer who gave them Mona’s clues and accused him of actually being paid by someone else as an A ploy. Aria and Ezra officially broke up after she admitted their relationship made her miss out on high school, though she has #NoRegrets.

Do Ezra and Aria get back together season 6?

Having successfully written a book together, even if it was about Ezra’s kidnapped, and presumed dead, girlfriend, Ezra and Aria reunited in the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars in the best way.

Does Caleb and Hanna get back together in season 5?

Caleb’s not ready to get back into a relationship. But this is true love we are talking about, Hanna and Caleb are meant to be together, we are just hoping Hanna lets Travis down easy. However, despite the steamy Haleb kiss, there is no indication that Rosewood’s favorite couple is back together for good.

Who did Ezra have a baby with?

In the summer after high school graduation, he had a girlfriend named Maggie who got pregnant, but his mother paid Maggie to leave town and have an abortion. She had the baby which Ezra believed was his son, Malcolm and Ezra didn’t find out about it until the child was 7 years old.

Does Aria get back with Ezra?

Aria regretfully ended their relationship because it was becoming too complicated. In Season 4, Aria and Ezra get back together while Aria was still dating Jake. After Ezra recovers, Aria finally realizes from Ezra’s heroism that he does love her and they make up.