Does equal always mean just?

Does equal always mean just?

Fair means that everyone gets what they need or deserve while equal means that everyone gets the same regardless of need.

What does equal mean in algebra?

Exactly the same amount or value. Examples: 3 + 4 is equal to 7. 1 Dollar is equal to 100 Cents.

How do you describe an equal sign?

Equal Sign – Definition with Examples The symbol for equal to is two small horizontal lines placed parallelly. We place the ‘equal to’ sign is between two things that are the same or equal. This means that 1 dollar is equivalent to 100 cents.

What is the definition of equal to?

1 : exactly the same in number, amount, degree, rank, or quality an equal share of equal importance. 2 : the same for each person equal rights. 3 : having enough strength, ability, or means He’s equal to the task.

What is an equal sign called?

The equal sign or equality sign, =, is a mathematical symbol used to indicate equality in some well-defined sense. It was invented in 1557 by Robert Recorde.

What does two lines and a wave mean?

The equal sign, equals sign, or “=” is a mathematical symbol used to indicate equality. It looks like two parallel horizontal lines. The equals sign is placed between the things stated to be exactly equal or the same.

What does 3 wavy lines mean?

The lines represent the three angels of Revelation 14 circling the globe and our commission to take the gospel to the entire world. The overall shape forms a flame symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

What do dots mean in an equation?

Answer provided by our tutors The dot signifies multiplication. An entry ‘6x’ indicates ‘6’ multiplied by ‘x’ and can also be entered as ‘6*x’ if you wish. To multiply numeric values, as in “2 multiplied by 3′, enter ‘2*3’, where the symbol ‘*’ can be entered through ‘Shift+8’.

What does a dot mean in texting?

If I send you a single dot in an SMS or chat it means, I’m here. I’m reading.

What does 2 dots mean in texting?

Two dots is an informal and cute way of implying there is something else to say, except philosophically you don’t need to say it at that moment, so it’s more of a short-cut, and yes two dots is quicker that three since the latter means something else, formally any-way.

What does 823 mean in texting?

Thinking of You

What does 10083 mean?

ten thousand eighty-three