How did Odysseus sneak into Troy?

How did Odysseus sneak into Troy?

Odysseus returns to the Argive camp with Philoctetes and his arrows. Perhaps Odysseus’ most famous contribution to the Greek war effort is devising the strategem of the Trojan Horse, which allows the Greek army to sneak into Troy under cover of darkness.

How does Penelope finally plan to choose a suitor?

The test that Penelope uses to choose her husband is to set twelve axe handles upright in a line in the sand such that the holes in the handles all form a straight line. After that, they have to shoot an arrow through the twelve axe handles. If they completed this, they would win her hand in marriage.

How does Penelope say she will choose her husband?

She tells Odysseus, when he is disguised as a beggar, that she can no longer avoid it: Her parents are pressuring her, and Telemachus is “galled as [the suitors] squander his estate.” To determine which man she will marry, she devises a contest: Whoever can string Odysseus’s old bow and shoot an arrow through the …

What is the symbolic meaning of the connection between the olive tree and the marriage bed?

What is the symbolic meaning of the connection between the olive tree and the marriage bed? The olive tree and marriage bed represents Odysseus and Penelope’s marriage. Since the bed was made with an immovable post, it can be assumed that Odysseus and Penelope’s marriage cannot be destroyed.

What is the importance of the olive tree in the Odyssey?

The fact that it is built into the trunk of the olive tree implies permanence and stability. It is also the central point of the house, which is constructed around the tree. It is also a symbol of the pledge of love between Odysseus and Penelope, a connection which can never be uprooted.

Why can’t the bed move in the Odyssey?

Here, Odysseus explains his outrage over Penelope’s suggestion that she move their bed: He built the bed around an olive tree that was growing where the bedroom was situated, and he even incorporated the tree into the bed; thus, moving the bed is an impossible feat.

What is Odysseus and Penelope’s secret sign?

A cautious Penelope, sought after by many clever suitors, uses the bed that she and Odysseus shared for so many years to trick Odysseus into proving his identity. The bed, carved from a tree that has its roots in the foundation of the house itself, is immovable, much like Odysseus and Penelope’s loyalty to each other.