How do I get UTsw in MyChart?

How do I get UTsw in MyChart?

To enroll in MyChart, ask a UT Southwestern provider during a visit. Our staff can help patients enroll, as well as set up authorizations to release lab results and respond to prescription renewal requests through MyChart.

How do I get my MyChart activation code for UT Southwestern?

If you have lost your activation code, did not receive it or let it expire, contact the MyChart HelplLine during normal business hours at 214-648-8888 for assistance in obtaining a new activation code.

Where is Utsw?

UT Southwestern Medical Center is located in the heart of the Southwestern Medical District – a nearly 400-acre medical complex 10 minutes north of downtown Dallas that incorporates UT Southwestern, Children’s Health℠ Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Does UT Southwestern have undergraduate program?

UT Southwestern Medical Center offers a number of non-degree-related programs for high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students interested in health and science careers, as well as community members interested in health and science education.

How do I use chart app?


  1. Access the App Store or Android Market on your mobile device.
  2. Search for ‘MyChart’ to locate the application.
  3. Download the free MyChart application.
  4. Launch the MyChart application and select Cleveland Clinic as your healthcare provider.
  5. Log in using your MyChart username and password.

Is UTSW a good school?

UT Southwestern is one of the best medical schools in Texas and is ranked #18 in primary care and #26 in research by U.S. News and World Report for 2020.

How do I log into my UTSW email?

Access My Email After you have set up two-factor authentication (on campus or off campus), you may access your UT Southwestern email from any computer by going to

How does MyChart work at UT Southwestern healthcare?

UT Southwestern MyChart is an Internet application that enables secure Web-based electronic messaging. Messages you send via UT Southwestern MyChart may be made part of your permanent medical record at the discretion of the UT Southwestern healthcare team.

Where do I get my MyChart information from?

Your MyChart information comes directly from your electronic medical record at your doctor’s office. Ask your doctor to correct any inaccurate information at your next clinic visit. Your health information is reviewed and updated in your electronic medical record each visit.

Who can view my UT Southwestern ID number?

Anyone with access to your password and identification number will be able to view your medical information, add comments to your record, and communicate with the UT Southwestern health care team as if that person were you.

How to contact UT Southwestern Hospital by phone?

Therefore, for all urgent matters, contact UT Southwestern by phone, go to an emergency room, or dial 911.