How do I use Google translate voice?

How do I use Google translate voice?

To try the transcribe feature, go to your Translate app on Android, and make sure you have the latest updates from the Play store. Tap on the “Transcribe” icon from the home screen and select the source and target languages from the language dropdown at the top.

How do I change the voice of translation?

Change your speech settings

  1. Open the Translate app .
  2. Tap Menu. Settings.
  3. Pick a setting. For example: To automatically speak translated text, tap Speech input. Then, turn on “Speak output.” To translate offensive words, tap Speech input. Then, turn off “Block offensive words.”

How do I convert audio to other languages?

Translate by speech

  1. Go to the Google Translatepage.
  2. Choose the language input.
  3. At the bottom left of the text box, click Speak .
  4. When told to “Speak now,” say what you want to translate.
  5. To stop recording, click Speak .

Is there an app that can translate audio?

Download Microsoft Translator, an app that can live-translate speech and text, in real time. It recognizes speech in nine languages and written text in over 60 languages. The app also supports voice in smartwatches and can instantly convert text in another language to yours so you can read signboards.

What is the best voice to voice app?

iTranslate Translator

What’s the best voice translator app?

The 8 Best Translation Apps for 2021

  1. iTranslate Voice 3. Ever wished for a professional translator without the hefty price tag?
  2. Google Translate.
  3. SayHi.
  4. TextGrabber.
  5. Microsoft Translator.
  6. Waygo.
  7. MyLingo.
  8. TripLingo.

Is there a voice translator?

Voice translation has been a feature on Google Translate for Android for some time, but now it is coming to iOS and will also be “faster and more natural” on Android, Google says.

Does iTranslate cost money?

iTranslate Voice You can also connect two devices and have easy back-and-forth conversations with someone who doesn’t speak your language. The pro version comes with a custom phrasebook, unlimited translations and transcripts and no ads for $39.99 per year.

How accurate is word translator?

Like the 2019 study, it found that Google Translate was over 90 percent accurate for Spanish. Tagalog, Korean, and Chinese had accuracy rates ranging from 80 to 90 percent. There was a big drop-off for Farsi, which had a 67 percent accuracy, and Armenian, which had a 55 percent accuracy.

Is Google the best translator?

While the Google Translate technology is hardly infallible, it’s certainly useful in a pinch to translate a few words or phrases. If you’ve tried it on desktop when translating an entire page, you’ll notice it gets the general message across, but is still far from perfect.

Why is Google Translate accurate?

It’s just about math and odds in Google Translate, not context! Google uses a translation algorithm called Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). SMT is based on language pattern matching. They break down each sentence into individual words or phrases to find a match for their database.

What is the best electronic translator?

The Best Pocket Translators

  1. Pocketalk Two-Way Voice Translator (Model S) Pocketalk is one of the biggest names in pocket translators, and their new S model is probably the best all-around device.
  2. Langogo Genesis AI Translator.
  3. Cheetah CM Language Translator.