How do u use lose in a sentence?

How do u use lose in a sentence?

She lost her purse somewhere and can’t find it. We lost the game 2-1. If we lose this next game, we will be out of the tournament.

How do you spell lose in past tense?

past tense of lose is lost.

How do you spell win or lose?

: whether one succeeds or fails Win or lose, we’ll give it our best effort.

How do you spell win in a sentence?

Examples of win in a Sentence Verb The boxer won the match by knockout. He won’t give up until he’s won the argument. Neither candidate won the debate. We tried our best, but you can’t win them all.

Can you use wins in a sentence?

Wins sentence example. “You are doing well at ensuring my mate wins ,” he stated. One wins and one loses. In these cases the caller of “Wellington” wins four times the stake and loses twice the stake, the caller of “Blucher” receives six times and loses three times the stake.

Can I win my own sentence?

Sentence examples for will to win from inspiring English sources. And a manifestly fierce will to win. He has that will to win”. Have a will to win.

How do you use sit in a sentence?

Sit sentence example

  1. Come in and sit down.
  2. Sit down, and take your pen.
  3. Just sit back and don’t distract me.
  4. Sit down and let me look at it.
  5. Why don’t you sit down and rest and I’ll bring you a piece of pie.
  6. Sofia, stop thinking and sit down.

Can a complete subject be one word?

Both the subject and the predicate may be one word or a group of words. The complete subject is the simple subject and all the words that describe or explain it. The sentences below have the complete subject underlined once. The predicate is underlined twice.

What is the difference between simple and complete subject?

A simple subject typically refers to a person, place, or thing, who is performing an action. The simple subject is a single word representing the subject without any of its modifiers or adjectives whereas a complete subject represents the subject along with all of its modifiers or adjectives.

How do you identify simple subject and simple predicate?

A simple subject is a subject that has just one noun or pronoun as the focus of the sentence. A predicate can also have many words. But it has a main part which is the simple predicate. The simple predicate is the verb or verbs that are connected to the subject.

Can both be a subject?

We can use both after a subject pronoun or an object pronoun: We both prefer classical music. Let’s open them both now.

Can I use 2 verbs in a sentence?

Yes, two verbs can be used in a sentence.

Is Vs are with two subjects?

Use is with singular subjects and are with plural subjects. Collective nouns usually take is, but you can use are if you need to emphasize the individuals who belong to the group. usually take a plural verb.