How do we say singing in French?

How do we say singing in French?


  1. i|nocat=1 Former avec la voix une suite de sons variés, selon les règles de la musique. chanter; → sing;
  2. dénoncer. moucharder; → rat; rat on; sing; snitch; squeal;

How do you say songs in French?

The word for songs in French is chansons. This is the plural form, as indicated by the ‘s’ on the end.

How do you say singer in different languages?

Saying Singer in European Languages

Language Ways to say singer
French chanteur Edit
Frisian sjonger Edit
Galician cantante Edit
German Sänger Edit

What’s another word for singer?

other words for singer

  • artist.
  • diva.
  • musician.
  • voice.
  • minstrel.
  • songbird.
  • songster.
  • troubadour.

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