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How do you address a counterclaim in an argumentative essay?

How do you address a counterclaim in an argumentative essay?

You should always address the counterclaims and explain why they are wrong in a crucial aspect that your argument is right. In this way, your argument will be more compelling and you will be more likely to convince your audience.

What topic would prompt an argumentative essay?

As per the question, the topic that would prompt an argumentative essay would be ‘A case for gender equity in the workplace’ as it would nurture a healthy argument due to inclusion of arguments from both sides(in favor and against) and the author’s opinion or point of view as a conclusion.

Which source would best support an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay needs a written and formal support: a case study has these characteristics. This sort of text describes and analyses problems. The problem is related to sports injuries , so a solutions can be given in that text.

How many sources should an argumentative essay have?

four sources

How do you find the source of an argumentative essay?

What To think about when researching

  1. Understand the history of the topic. ( Books, E-books, reference databases)
  2. Predict counter arguments your audience might make. ( Pro/Con databases & Websites)
  3. Find common ground. ( Magazine articles and news articles)
  4. Find strong support for your own perspective. Academic Journals.

What does an argumentative text mean?

Arguing means claiming that something is true and trying to persuade other people to agree with your claim by presenting evidence to substantiate it. An argument is statement with three components: A point of view, a claim, something we are arguing in favour of.

What are the three main components of an argument?

To be complete, arguments should have three parts: an assertion, reasoning and evidence (easily remembered with the mnemonic ARE).