How do you describe different words?

How do you describe different words?


  1. not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar: The two brothers are very different even though they’re identical twins.
  2. not identical; separate or distinct: When I asked for directions, three people gave me three different answers.
  3. various; several: Different people told me the same story.

What is this word different?

Adjective. different, diverse, divergent, disparate, various mean unlike in kind or character. different may imply little more than separateness but it may also imply contrast or contrariness. different foods diverse implies both distinctness and marked contrast.

What is the base word for different?

late 14c., “not the same, unlike, dissimilar in nature or quality as well as state of being,” from Old French different (14c.), from Latin differentem (nominative differens) “differing, different,” present participle of differre “to set apart,” from assimilated form of dis- “apart, away from” (see dis-) + ferre “to …

What does various mean?

1 : of an indefinite number greater than one stop at various towns. 2 : individual, separate rate increases granted in the various states. 3a : of differing kinds : multifarious. b : dissimilar in nature or form : unlike.

What does voracious mean?

1 : having a huge appetite : ravenous. 2 : excessively eager : insatiable a voracious reader.

Who is a voracious reader?

What does it mean to be a voracious reader? A voracious reader is someone that has a strong appetite for books. To be a voracious reader you must have strong passion for books and you must read more than 60 books in a year.

What does Epitomised mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to serve as the typical or ideal example of. 2 : to make or give an epitome of. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About epitomize.

Is Epitomization a real word?

epitomize. verb typify, represent, illustrate, embody, exemplify, symbolize, personify, incarnate The goddess Selene epitomized perfect motherhood.

What does the word symbolize mean?

1 : to serve as a symbol of. 2 : to represent, express, or identify by a symbol. intransitive verb. : to use symbols or symbolism.

How do you use the word symbolism?

Symbolize sentence example

  1. The ceiling was made to symbolize the firmament.
  2. The fifth labour seems to symbolize some great improvement in the drainage of Elis.
  3. In this chapter we have the two beasts 2 which symbolize respectively Rome and the Roman provincial priesthood of the imperial cult.

How do you spell symbolizes?

Correct spelling for the English word “symbolizes” is [sˈɪmbə͡lˌa͡ɪzɪz], [sˈɪmbə‍lˌa‍ɪzɪz], [s_ˈɪ_m_b_əl_ˌaɪ_z_ɪ_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for SYMBOLIZES

  1. symbolically,
  2. symbolise,
  3. symbolatry,
  4. symbolist,
  5. symboliser,
  6. symbolic,
  7. symbolize,
  8. symbolisation,

Is Symbolise correct?

Symbolism is the practice or art of using an object or a word to represent an abstract idea. An action, person, place, word, or object can all have a symbolic meaning. When an author wants to suggest a certain mood or emotion, he can also use symbolism to hint at it, rather than just blatantly saying it.

What Colour signifies peace?


What does gold mean spiritually?

At the highest level, golden color is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality, and a deep understanding of ourselves and our souls. In terms of colors, golden is generous and giving, compassionate, and loving.

What does the Colour gold mean spiritually?

The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. At the uppermost level, this is a color which is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

What does gold mean in the Bible?

The use of gold in the tabernacle and temple symbolized the value the worshiper placed on the God they were worshipping. IMAGE OF VALUE. The poets of the Bible often use gold to represent superiority. The beloved in Song of Solomon refers to her lover’s head, arms, and feet being made of gold (5:11, 14-15).

What is the color for God?

Blue is the third primary color. It spiritually signifies the Healing Power of God. It is the most sublime subject and color which biblically represents the Word of God.

What does the Colour gold represent in Christianity?

Gold is the color most used to symbolize the Divine connection and each figure connected to christ, including Jesus himself, has a golden halo drawn around their head to show their loyalty to Jesus during his crucifixion.