How do you end a German essay?

How do you end a German essay?

Writing a Summary or Conclusion

  1. In a nutshell — Im Großen und Ganzen.
  2. In a word — Kurz und gut.
  3. In conclusion — zum Schluss.
  4. To conclude, one can say that… — Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass…

What does essay mean in German?

[ˈeseɪ] Essay m or nt ; (esp Sch) Aufsatz m.

How do you quote a German essay?

Place in quotation marks but do not italicize: titles of articles, papers, lectures, chapter titles, poems. Single quotation marks are used for titles within titles.

What is paragraph in German?

[ˈpærəɡrɑːf] 1. Absatz m , Abschnitt m.

What is German story?

Wiktionary: story → Erzählung, Geschichte, Stockwerk, Etage, Story, Klamotte, Historie.

How do you say paragraph in French?

paragraph → paragraphe, alinéa.

How do you say paragraph in Chinese?

His story was only one paragraph long.

  1. American English: paragraph /ˈpærəgræf/
  2. Arabic: فِقَرَةٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: parágrafo.
  4. Chinese: 段落
  5. Croatian: paragraf.
  6. Czech: odstavec.
  7. Danish: afsnit.
  8. Dutch: paragraaf.

How do you introduce yourself in 10 lines?

Hello, Here’s how you introduce yourself in English in 10 lines. You will learn this in 2 to 3 minutes. You get the important English phrases….10) I enjoy listening to music.

  1. I enjoy listening to music.
  2. I enjoy eating.
  3. I enjoy watching television.
  4. I enjoy learning languages.
  5. I enjoy exercising.
  6. I enjoy reading.

How do you say 11 in French?

19 = 10 + 9, dix-neuf….Numbers in French: 1-20.

Number In French Pronunciation
11 onze onz
12 douze dooz
13 treize trez
14 quatorze kah-TOHR-z

What is the ø called?

Though not its native name, among English-speaking typographers the symbol may be called a “slashed O” or “o with stroke”.

How do you write 0 instead of o?

There is of course the obvious difference in meaning: zero is used in writing numbers, and capital O is used in writing words. On an old fashioned typewriter keyboard, there is no zero (and no numeral one). To type a zero, use a capital O (and a lower case L to type a one).

Is Ö the same as Ø?

In many languages, the letter “ö”, or the “o” modified with an umlaut, is used to denote the non-close front rounded vowels [ø] or [œ]. In languages without such vowels, the character is known as an “o with diaeresis” and denotes a syllable break, wherein its pronunciation remains an unmodified [o].