How do you form an adjective phrase?

How do you form an adjective phrase?

Adjective phrase is a grammatical form. The four grammatical functions performed by adjective phrases are noun phrase modifier, subject complement, and object complement.. The four grammatical forms that may appear in adjective phrases are the adverb phrase, prepositional phrase, verb phrase, and noun clause.

Which phrase is devoid of blame?

The correct answer is (b) adjective phrase. The phrase ‘devoid of blame’ is an adjective phrase. An adjective phrase is one in which the head word is an adjective and it can be placed at any position of the phrase.

What’s the meaning of devoid?

: not having (something usual or expected) : completely without (something) He is devoid of (any) ambition. The landscape seems to be completely devoid of life.

Why is he late as an adjective clause?

Because of this, noun clauses can perform all the roles that a normal noun would fill in a sentence: they can act as the subject, a direct or indirect object, a predicate noun, an adjective complement, or the object of a preposition. So, “why he came late” is just a dependent clause.

What comes first in a sentence time or place?

Place usually comes before time: I went to London last year. I went last year to London.

How many adverbs can be in a sentence?

Common Adverb Usage Sentences like “John thumbed through the book very rapidly” and “She completed the work the least efficiently” contain two consecutive adverbs (“very” and “rapidly,” and “least” and “efficiently”) and are grammatically correct.

Can a sentence have 2 adverbs?

Yes, it is grammatically correct to have two adverbs in a row in a sentence. ‘Well’ is modifying the verb be (am) and ‘quite’ is modifying the other adverb ‘well’. He spoke extremely intelligently. In this sentence also, there are two adverbs in a row, extremely and intelligently.

Can I have a list of adjectives?

The first part of this list features commonly used adjectives from the first four letters of the alphabet….A-D List of Adjective Words.

adorable adventurous aggressive
ashamed attractive average
awful bad beautiful
better bewildered black
bloody blue blue-eyed

What is the verb of read?

transitive verb. 1a(1) : to receive or take in the sense of (letters, symbols, etc.) especially by sight or touch. (2) : to study the movements of with mental formulation of the communication expressed read lips. (3) : to utter aloud the printed or written words of read them a story.