How do you get into the ironworks in wizard101?

How do you get into the ironworks in wizard101?

Begin at Digmoore Station, and talk to the Tracey Castlton to get a ticket, then use the…the flying boat…to go the Ironworks.

How do I get to Baxter in the ironworks?

When you first enter the Ironworks, you first need to talk to Baxter who is not far from the entrance. He tells you that you need to defeat some O’Leary Nappers to get a key to unlock a gate. When you get the key from the O’Leary Nappers, go to Baxter again and he’ll tell you to go unlock the gate.

Where is the cat in ironworks?

He is behind the final boss in ironworks, Pops O’Leary. After you defeat him, run forward through the opening onto a cat walk, and he is out there Good Luck!

How do you get to Katzenstein’s lab in wizard101?

Katzenstein’s Lab. The lab is a storyline quest, and gives some major information about the rest of the storyline of Marleybone. You enter this dungeon with Watson’s quest, “Weird Science”. It is on Scotland Yard Roof, on the far right side.

Where are the books in Marleybone wizard101?

The books are generally in the room with the end boss of a zone. Hyde Park-Ancient Marleybone-Where you find Baxter and have to fight the Gearhead Destroyer. Chelsea Court-Theories of Marleybone-Where you fight Potbelly. Ironworks-Rebirth of Marleybone-Where you fight Pops O’ leary.

What floor is the Big Ben Cat on?

12th floor

What is the code for Big Ben in wizard101?

Re: What is the code for Big Ben? Snowflake, bird, dog, moon.

Where is the Regent Square Cat in wizard101?

Near Scotland

Where is the stray cat in Big Ben in wizard101?

Re: where is the stray cat in big ben? He is on the floor after the one having the silver chests. There will be 3 tall boxes immediately to your left in your corner. He is behind them.

How many rooms is Big Ben wizard101?

Big Ben is the final tower in Marleybone. Meowiarty is fought at the top floor. Big Ben is also the tallest tower in Marleybone]. There are 15 floors in this dungeon and the battles are unavoidable.

How many floors is Big Ben wizard101?

15 floors

What happens if you spill the milk in Big Ben?

Spilling the milk involves a “secret boss” of the Big Ben Tower named Spike the Crusher. On the sixth floor of Big Ben you will see the first milk bottle. On the tenth floor of Big Ben you will see your second milk bottle. If you spill the milk on the thirteenth floor, you will spawn Spike on the fourteenth floor.

Should I spill the milk in Big Ben wizard101?

In Big Ben, there are three bottles of milk. If you use them, you spill them. If you really want to fight an extra boss and get the badge Crusher Crusher, spill the three bottles of milk.

How do you fight spike the crusher?

Spike the Crusher is an optional Boss that Wizards can summon in Big Ben by spilling the three milk bottles encountered throughout the dungeon. Wizards are able to face him without his Minions by first defeating the Potbelly’s and then going back to spill the third bottle of milk.

What school is Meowiarty?


View Drops ⧨
Classification Cat
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips 1

Who is Meowiarty based on?

professor james moriarty

What level is Meowiarty Archmage duel?

Rank 12

Where is the Jade Oni in wizard101?

The Jade Oni is the last Boss in MooShu. He holds the Spiral Key to Dragonspyre which can be obtained only by defeating him. Completing the Quest, Rematch, allows the Jade Oni to be summoned at anytime by using the obelisk next to the Jade Champion.

How do you beat plague Oni in wizard101?

You need to have access to the dungeon [Shirataki Temple] (through the main storyline) for the sigils to begin glowing. However, you should be able to teleport to a friend inside the dungeon though to battle the Plague Oni. If you’re in Mooshu, use the MooShu Quest Tree to track your progress as it relates to quests.

Where is the death Oni?

below Half Moon Island

What does the Jade Oni drop?

Jade Oni drops tons of different items, pets, plants, equipment, jems, and other assortments. A lot of these items are “Holiday Only Drops” though (according to the Jade Oni page on w101 central).

Where do I fight Jade Oni?

the Emperor’s Throne room

Where can I farm wooden skeleton keys?

the Pagoda of Harmony

Where is catch of the day wizard101?

Vendor(s): Kara Runewright (Myth Tower) (450 Gold)

Where do I get the catch of the day spell?

Catch of the Day This spell is dropped from a Wooden Skeleton Key boss, Takanoku the Masterless, in the Cave of Solitude, Mooshu.

What spell does Aphrodite drop?

Wizard City Aphrodite II consists of a random combination of Death Tendrils, Life Tendrils, and Myth Tendrils. The drops from this Boss are obtained from a gold “Chest” that appears after the duel.

Who drops wooden keys in wizard101?

Captain Hockins

Does the Kraken drop wooden keys?

Re: Wizard City Wooden Skeleton Key drop locations. It makes sense they drop at the Kraken – so many free-to-play wizards farm there. Yep, and with how quickly battles often end it makes farming for them a fast feat.

Where is Krampus in wizard101?


Where do you get mote of severity in wizard101?

Motes are dropped reagents from bosses and chests (behind the Skeleton Key Doors) in some dungeons. The drop rate is low.