How do you identify vocabulary words?

How do you identify vocabulary words?

How to learn words

  1. write the words in a notebook (with their translations or definitions)
  2. write the words and definitions on small cards.
  3. say the words many times (if you have an electronic dictionary you can hear how the word is pronounced)
  4. put the words into different groups (you could use a graphic organiser)

What are some high vocabulary words?

Explore the Words

  • aberration. a state or condition markedly different from the norm.
  • abhor. find repugnant.
  • acquiesce. agree or express agreement.
  • alacrity. liveliness and eagerness.
  • amiable. diffusing warmth and friendliness.
  • appease. make peace with.
  • arcane. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge.
  • avarice.

Where in the back of the book can you find the meaning of vocabulary words?


How do you spell Attean in Sign of the Beaver?

Attean lives the good life. He’s a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool Beaver clan boy.

Is Sign of the Beaver a true story?

The Sign of the Beaver was inspired by a true story dating from 1802 and documented in a history of the small town of Milo, Maine; in it, a teenage boy left to care for his family’s cabin was helped by the local Natives when his supplies were ravaged by a bear.

What is the meaning of Sign of the Beaver?

The sign of the beaver represents the clan that Attean and Saknis come from. So while it is literally a simple drawing found on trees, as a title it references how important getting to know Attean and Saknis is for Matt.

Who is Ben in The Sign of the Beaver?

Ben. Ben is a renegade, a wandering stranger who, seeing Matt was alone, takes advantage of his polite hospitality. Matt offers Ben food but Ben also contrives to fall asleep after their meal, so that Matt is obliged to give him a place to sleep overnight. He repays this generosity by stealing Matt’s rifle.

What was the significance of the Beaver symbols carved into the trees?

Symbol of the Beaver The beaver symbol carved crudely into the trees represents Attean’s clan, the clan of the Beaver, and was intended to act as a property marker to show where their land and hunting grounds were.

How did Attean cheer Matt up at the end of the chapter?

At the end of Chapter 11, Attean offered Matt a treat that Indians enjoy. As they made their way through the forest, “…he stopped, whipped out his knife, and neatly sliced off two shining gobs of dried sap froma nearby spruce. He grinned and held out one of them like a peace offering.”

What is Chapter 17 about in Sign of the Beaver?

In chapter 17 of The Sign of the Beaver, Matt sees the poverty that Attean’s tribe lives in and learns that Attean’s mother and father both died in the war over territory with the white settlers.

What did Matt find in a turtle trap?

He’s in Turtle Clan territory. Despite Attean’s past advice, Matt heads over to the sound. When he locates it, he finds Attean’s dog caught in a trap and decides that no matter whose territory he’s in, he’s going to free the mutt.

What happened in Chapter 20 in Sign of the Beaver?

As chapter twenty begins, we find him waiting eagerly for Attean so that he can, hopefully, return to the village. Days pass and Matt begins to doubt the connections he thought he had formed because Attean has yet to come back to the cabin. After a week, he finally returns and his mood is not good.

What happens in Chapter 19 Sign of the Beaver?

By Elizabeth George Speare They’re off to the village, where Grandma serves them fish stew and Attean then gives him a grand tour. Matt pays special attention to the squaws’ work and Attean answers his questions until he’s bored to tears. Then he takes Matt over to play some games with other boys.

What happened in Sign of the Beaver Chapter 19?

Chapter 19 shows Matt making a lot of progress in his relationship with Attean and the rest of the tribe. Attean’s grandmother, who had been dead set against him in the beginning, invites him to the village. She is impressed with him for making so much effort to save Attean’s dog.

What happens at the end of Sign of the Beaver?

By Elizabeth George Speare Matt throws his arms into his jacket and walks outside, smelling the fire and getting all warm and fuzzy inside about his plans to make dinner and not eat alone. After waiting months for his family to arrive, they’re finally here.

What is the main problem in Sign of the Beaver?

Being left alone in the Maine wilderness was a big problem for Matt because he was lonely and didn’t really know how to take care of himself. Another conflict was trying to gain Attean’s friendship and respect. With Attean’s help, Matt eventually learned how to survive on his own.

How long was Matt’s father gone in Sign of the Beaver?

6 to 7 weeks

What is the Sign of the Beaver Chapter 11?

In Chapter 11 of The Sign of the Beaver, we see Matt’s relationship with Attean continue to develop. There is still tension between them, but Attean keeps coming to his lessons and Matt finds that he misses him on the days when he does not show up.

What does Medabe mean in Sign of the Beaver?

good for nothing

What happened in Chapter 13 Sign of the Beaver?

In Chapter 13 of The Sign of the Beaver, Attean and Matt stumble upon a fox caught in a painful and cruel leg trap. He also reflects on the fact that Attean’s grandfather wanted him to learn English, but instead Matt is learning how to survive under Attean’s instructions.

What did Attean teach Matt in Sign of the Beaver?

One of the first lessons he teaches Matt is how to build a snare, and next, how to make his own fishing hooks from roots. Through Attean’s guidance Matt is able to learn that there are other ways of doing things beyond ‘the white man’s way’.

How did Matt change in Sign of the Beaver?

He starts with the letter ‘A’ and asks Attean to pick out all the letters ‘A’ in the book Robinson Crusoe. It is after this unfortunate first lesson that Matt decides to change the way he teaches Attean to read. In Chapter 8, he tries to make it clear to Attean that reading is about enjoying stories.

How are Matt and Attean similar?

Matt/Attean But as Matt and Attean hang out, they realize that below the surface they’re both pretty similar. Both of them like hunting. They both have a spunky sister. They both feel loyalty to their families.

Why did Attean become upset about the story?

Attean is fascinated by the story Robinson Crusoe, but he becomes upset when Friday bows to Robinson Crusoe and calls him “Master”. Crusoe feels entitled to impose his will over Friday, and believes that he is doing the black man a favor by bringing him over to the white man’s way.

Why did Attean keep coming back for lessons even though he didn’t want to learn to read?

Why did Attean keep coming back for lessons even though he didn’t want to read? His grandfather made him come to reading lessons with matt.

How did Attean catch a rabbit without using a gun?

He hurried through the lessons so that they could get back to the book. CH9: How did Attean catch the rabbits? He made a snare out of a tree root, two saplings, and a stick.

Why does Saknis want Attean reading?

Why does Saknis want Attean to learn to read? Saknis believes that if Attean learns to read, he will be able to understand the white man’s bargaining papers and not sign away Indian hunting grounds. Matt creates a schoolroom in the cabin.

What Attean did Matt want?

When Attean attempts to show Matt how to fish with a spear, he finds it difficult. Attean then shows Matt how to create a fish hook from twigs. Later, Matt wants to learn how to use a bow and arrow, so Attean teaches Matt how to make his own and use it.

Are Matt and Attean the same age?

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Question Answer
Matt and Attean were nearly the same age TRUE
The Maine Indians were on white mans land FALSE
Indians lost much of their hunting ground because of white settlers TRUE
Attean’s dog was a valuable hunting dog FALSE

What does the name Attean mean?