How do you respond to Wie Gehts in German?

How do you respond to Wie Gehts in German?

The following are acceptable answers to the question Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you?): Danke, gut. (dân-ke, gooht.) (Thanks, I’m fine.) or Gut, danke.

What does gutted mean?

/ˈɡʌt.ɪd/ extremely disappointed and unhappy: He was gutted when she finished the relationship. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Disappointing yourself and others.

What is cute mean?

adjective, cut·er, cut·est. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment. appealing and delightful; charming: What a cute toy! affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms.

What does Gite mean?

A gîte (French pronunciation: ​[ʒit]) is a type of accommodation that comes in a variety of forms, ranging from a gîtes d’etape, a hostel, for walkers and cyclists, to a gîte rural, a holiday home in the country available for rent. The term gîte originally meant quite simply a form of shelter.

What does GLEI mean?

n. (Physical Geography) a bluish-grey compact sticky soil occurring in certain humid regions.

What is a French guest house called?

In French a guest house is called ‘maison d’hôtes’ or by extension ‘chambre d’hôte’.

What is a French house called?

Chateau: A castle or a palace. They are not all huge properties with lots of land, some can be quite petite. We all want a chateau but beware the renovation and upkeep costs. Domaine: A house with a lot of land, an “estate”; for instance vineyard properties are called domains.

What is the French word for bungalow?

a bungalow [example] une maison de plain-pied [ex.]

What are French apartments called?

A pied-à-terre (French pronunciation: ​[pjetaˈtɛʁ], plural: pieds-à-terre; French for “foot on the ground”) is a small living unit, e.g., apartment or condominium, usually located in a large city some distance away from an individual’s primary residence.

Do the French call apartments flats?

And although in actuality there is no difference between an apartment building and a ‘French Flat,’ it became a distinctive term to, in part, address this quandary.

How do you say different types of houses in French?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Apartment. Un appartement.
  • farm. une ferme.
  • bungalow. Un pavillon.
  • detached house. Une maison individuelle.
  • semi-tached house. une maison jumelée.
  • Wooden house. Un chalet.
  • Estate. HLM.

How much is a apartment in France?

The price of an apartment in Marseille was significantly less, with values of approximately 2,597 euros per square meter, a difference of 7,578 euros per square meter….Average cost* of an apartment in France in 2019, by city (in euros per square meter)**

Characteristic Average cost per square meter in euros

Is it rude to tip in Paris?

It is polite to tip your waiter/waitress. However, bills in France include a service charge, and any extra is discretionary. The staff doesn’t rely as heavily on tips as they do in the US, for example. That being said, if you have a relatively simple meal with minimal or no service then tipping in Paris is subjective.

Is it more expensive to live in France than USA?

Almost everything you buy in France is more expensive than the USA. There are a few cheaper things such as bread or wine, but even those are similar in price. Rent is the largest expense for most expats and natives alike, especially if you choose to live in a place like Paris.

Is it cheaper to live in Paris or New York?

New York is 113.0% more expensive than Paris. New York housing costs are 330.3% more expensive than Paris housing costs. Health related expenses are 13.4% more in New York.

How do you respond to Wie Gehts in German?

How do you respond to Wie Gehts in German?

The following are acceptable answers to the question Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you?): Danke, gut. (dân-ke, gooht.) (Thanks, I’m fine.) or Gut, danke.

How do you ask someone their name in German?

If you want to say “What is your name?” in German, you would either say, “Wie heißen sie?” (formal) or “Wie heißt du?” (informal). If you’re wondering what that “ß” letter is, it’s known as the “Eszett,” and is used to denote that the vowel or vowel combination that precedes it is long versus short.

How do you respond to Wie Gehts?

Wie geht’s simply means how goes it? The appropriate answer might be Gut (good) or ziemlich gut (pretty good) or schlimm (bad) depending on the situation. Same as you might do in English.

How do you answer Wer bist du?

A valid answer to the question would be: “Ich heiße Anja.” or “Ich bin Anja.” – ‘I am Anja’. There is one more way to ask someone for their name: “Wer bist du?” – “Wer” means ‘how’ in German – do not confuese it with the english ‘where’. “Wer bist du?” means: “Who are you?” “Wer bist du?” “Ich bin Anja.”

How do I write my name in German?

More Examples of My name is in German

  1. Meinen Namen kennen alle in meiner Schule. My name is known to everybody in my school.
  2. Mein Name ist Ivan. My name is Ivan.
  3. Mein Name ist Sascha. My name is Sasha., My name is Sascha.
  4. Mein Name ist Hase. My name is Hase.

How do I add a German number to Whatsapp?

How to add an international phone number

  1. Open your phone’s address book.
  2. When adding the contact’s phone number, start by entering a plus sign (+).
  3. Enter the country code, followed by the full phone number. Note: A country code is a numerical prefix that must be entered before the full national phone number to make a call to another country.

How do you say 9 in German?

Neun – “Nine” Zehn – “Ten”

How do you say 14 in German?

In this lesson we will learn how to formulate the numbers from one to one hundred in German….Thirteen to Nineteen.

Number German Word Pronunciation
13 dreizehn DRY-tsain
14 vierzehn FEAR-tsain
15 fünfzehn FUHNF-tsain
16 sechszehn ZEX-tsain

How do you count from 1 to 100 in German?

The Rest Of The Tens

  1. thirty — dreißig.
  2. forty — vierzig.
  3. fifty — fünfzig.
  4. sixty — sechzig.
  5. seventy — siebzig.
  6. eighty — achtzig.
  7. ninety — neunzig.
  8. one hundred — einhundert.

What is a German count called?


How do you say 21 in German?

In German, you say one-and-twenty (einundzwanzig) rather than twenty-one. All of the numbers over 20 work the same way: zweiundzwanzig (22),einundreißig (31), dreiundvierzig (43), etc….Die Zahlen 21-30.

21 einundzwanzig 26 sechsundzwanzig
24 vierundzwanzig 29 neunundzwanzig
25 fünfundzwanzig 30 dreißig

How do you say 30 in German?

If we count by tens, the numbers are pretty straightforward.

  1. 30 – dreißig – Pronunciation.
  2. 40 – vierzig – Pronunciation.
  3. 50 – fünfzig – Pronunciation.
  4. 60 – sechzig – Pronunciation.
  5. 70 – siebzig – Pronunciation.
  6. 80 – achtzig – Pronunciation.
  7. 90 – neunzig – Pronunciation.

What does FUNF mean in German?

Translation Matrix for fünf:

Adjective Related Translations
five fünf

What are the months in German?

The German months of the year are spelt and pronounced as follows:

  • Januar (yah-noo-ahr) – January.
  • Februar ( fay-broo-ahr) – February.
  • März (mehrtz) – March.
  • April (ah-pril) – April.
  • Mai (my) – May.
  • Juni (yoo-nee) – June.
  • Juli (yoo-lee) – July.
  • August ( ow-goost) – August.

Can I learn German in 6 months?

Don’t expect to be fluent after 6 months, especially if it’s your first foreign language and you don’t have experience in learning one. You can learn enough German in this time to interact with people in daily situations, but that’s about all.

What is the most popular color in Germany?

Favorite colors are black (56.8%), brown (20.5%) and white (11.4%). Watches: Color is extremely important (34.1%), very important (52.3%) or somewhat important (11.4%) for consumers when buying watches. Favorite colors for watches are brown (25%), gray (22.7%),and black (13.6%) and white (11.4%).

What are the German colors?

The national colours of the Federal Republic of Germany are officially black, red, and gold, defined with the adoption of the West German flag as a tricolour with these colours in 1949.

What is the most common eye color in Germany?


How do Germans use colors?

A black eye in German is ” blau” (blue)….Farben (Colors)

Farbe Color Color Phrases with Adjective Endings
grün green der grüne Hut (the green hat)
gelb yellow die gelben Seiten (yellow pages), ein gelbes Auto
weiß white das weiße Papier (the white paper)
schwarz black der schwarze Koffer (the black suitcase)

How do you say body parts in German?

Body Parts In German

  1. the body part — der Körperteil.
  2. the body — der Körper.
  3. the foot — der Fuß
  4. the arm — der Arm.
  5. the hand — die Hand.
  6. the head — der Kopf.
  7. the finger — der Finger.
  8. the eyes — die Augen.

What are all the body parts in Spanish?

The Body Parts in Spanish

  • Arm — el brazo.
  • Back — la espalda.
  • Backbone — la columna vertebral.
  • Brain — el cerebro, el seso.
  • Breast, chest — el pecho.
  • Buttocks — las nalgas.
  • Calf — la pantorrilla.
  • Ear — el oído, la oreja.

What are the body parts in French?

The main body parts in French are as follows:

  • The Head – La tête.
  • The Chest – La poitrine.
  • The Leg – La jambe.
  • The Arm – La bras.
  • The Back – Le dos.
  • The Hand – La main.
  • The Foot – Le pied.
  • The Face – Le visage.

Who is the body German?

Main parts of the body

Part of the body Meaning Plural
der Kopf head die Köpfe
der Rumpf torso / trunk die Rümpfe
der Arm arm die Arme
das Bein leg die Beine

What is German for hand?

Hand. More German words for hand. die Hand noun. touch. die Seite noun.