How do you say 1st 2nd 3rd in French?

How do you say 1st 2nd 3rd in French?

– you add a -u after cinq to form cinquième, as the syllable “qi” doesn’t exist in French. – the -f of neuf becomes a -v in neuvième, simply to ease the pronunciation….

English French Long-hand
1st 1er / 1re premier (m) / première (f)
2nd 2e / 2d / 2de deuxième second (m) / seconde (f)
3rd 3e troisième
4th 4e quatrième

Is second a French word?

Both terms refer to what is coming after the first (so far, so good, so easy!). Note: the letter “C” in the French word “second(e)” is pronounced [g], which is of course very unusual. So, we say “seGond(e)”.

Is Georges a French name?

Meaning & History French form of George. This name was borne by the French artists Georges Seurat (1859-1891) and Georges Braque (1882-1963).

How do u pronounce Georges?

Pronunciation: For French names, it’s “zhORsh” or “zhORzh”.

What is another word for gorgeous?

Some common synonyms of gorgeous are glorious, resplendent, splendid, sublime, and superb.

How gorgeous you are meaning?

Reach for the adjective gorgeous to describe jaw-droppingly beautiful, magnificent people or things. Good-looking is one thing. Beautiful is another. But reserve gorgeous for the kind of looks that take your breath away. Some synonyms include resplendent, dazzling, spectacular, and splendid.

Can I use gorgeous for food?

But it could be used perfectly for preserved or canned food, or to describe a particularly rich dish. Mouthwatering is that savory, flavorful, succulent, gorgeous, delicious food which gets you salivating; by no means unappetizing or distasteful.

Is gorgeous a compliment?

Instead of telling her she’s pretty, tell her she’s gorgeous. Gorgeous is by far a more powerful and less common compliment than the usual beautiful or sexy. It implies that she’s so incredible that you just had to come up with a more gripping word to describe her.

Is it OK to call a girl attractive?

It’s okay to find people attractive or hot, so as long as you are sure you’re not offending anyone or making someone uncomfortable, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Yes. Objectification isn’t a behaviour, it is a mindset.

How many ways can you say cute?


  1. adorable.
  2. beautiful.
  3. charming.
  4. delightful.
  5. pleasant.
  6. pretty.
  7. dainty.