How do you say easy in British slang?

How do you say easy in British slang?

Easy peasy — If something is not difficult then it is loudly pronounced as being easy peasy. Faff — Faffing around is a very British pleasure. It’s taking unnecessary time over something that should be straightforward.

Is Prat a bad word?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, we started using “prat” to mean idiot in 1960, but before that, it was a 16th century word for buttocks. So when you call someone a prat, you’re also calling them an arse. This is another delightful description of someone who’s painfully stupid.

What does Bando mean?

abandoned house

What is OT in Korean?

“OT” stands for One True. When people talk about groups like SNSD and say OT9 or EXO and OT12, they’re talking about the original number of members in the group .

What does Y N mean in Kpop?

Y/N means Yes or No.

What does OT7 BTS mean?

One True 7

What do you call BTS haters?

They’re generally called Antis, Anti-Army, Haters, etc. I love you BTS .

Does BTS love Army?

Having some of the most loyal fans in the world, it’s no surprise BTS loves their ARMY back. According to Billboard, during the 2020 BBMA’s, BTS gave a huge shoutout to their ARMY. They spoke about loving ARMY because of “their passion” and “their unconditional love”.

How can I meet BTS personally?

Guide: 6 ways to see BTS in real life

  1. Go to a concert.
  2. Attend a fan meeting/signing.
  3. Get a spot in music award shows/interviews.
  4. Be at the airport.
  5. Move to Korea.

Who is the kindest member of BTS?


Can we chat with BTS?

(Bloomberg) — K-pop sensation BTS has racked up a string of firsts over an astonishing six-year run. Now the seven-member group star in their very own smartphone game, marrying two of South Korea’s hottest exports.

Does BTS love India?

Not just across the seas, BTS enjoys a huge fan following in India as well. While the 7 member boy band hasn’t visited India yet, last year they expressed their hope to travel to the country post the Covid pandemic.