How do you say good wishes in French?

How do you say good wishes in French?

Best wishes! Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année !

Is Saint Lucia masculine or feminine in French?

Saint Lucia is the only sovereign nation named after an actual female historical figure.

What language is spoken in St Lucia?


Is St Lucia poor or rich?

Lucia, but there are clear differences between a wealthy minority, a comfortable middle class, and a poor lower class. With per capita income estimated at approximately US$4,000 in 1998, the island is one of the more prosperous in the Eastern Caribbean….St. Lucia – Poverty and wealth.

GDP per Capita (US$) St. Lucia

Is St Lucia expensive to visit?

A vacation to Saint Lucia for one week usually costs around EC$3,200 for one person. So, a trip to Saint Lucia for two people costs around EC$6,399 for one week. If you’re traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid’s tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared.

When should you not go to St Lucia?

Lucia has a hurricane season because the Caribbean has one that goes from June 1 to Nov. 30. The worst two months are September and October. The island rarely gets hit directly by a storm or hurricane.

Is St Lucia safe to walk around?

Re: St Lucia safe to walk around alone? It is very safe as long as you follow common sense (ie. do not walk down dark alleys late at night). Of course there is some crime and the odd incident as there is in every place.

Are mosquitos bad in St Lucia?

THey are no more or no less of a problem than any Caribbean island. Rains and tropical foliage bring mosquitos.

Is St Lucia dangerous for tourists?

St Lucians are relatively well-off, and crime rates are low. The St Lucian authorities are working with the tourism industry to maintain a safe environment for visitors. Nevertheless, muggings and theft from hotels, yachts or holiday rentals do occur, and occasionally come with violence.

What is the best part of St Lucia to stay?

Rodney Bay

Are tourists allowed to swim in St Lucia?

St Lucia has welcomed visitors back on to its beaches where swimming is now permitted. Durban may have banned beachgoers from setting foot on its many beaches, but the north coast tourist town of St Lucia is welcoming visitors on to its shores with open arms. “Swimming is allowed at designated beaches.”

What is the friendliest Caribbean island?


What is the most dangerous island in the Caribbean?


Which of the Caribbean islands is most beautiful?

The Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean

  • Getty. Jamaica. Many people use Jamaica as their entry into the Caribbean, whether its for a food crawl or an exclusive trip to GoldenEye (one of our favorite small resorts in the world).
  • Getty. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

What’s the most expensive island in the Caribbean?

What are the most expensive countries to visit in the Caribbean Islands? The most expensive countries for travel in the Caribbean Islands are currently Barbados ($302.77), Antigua and Barbuda ($281.94), Saint Barthelemy ($273.97), Curacao ($268.22), and British Virgin Islands ($264.32).

Where do rich people go in Caribbean?

Canouan, The Caribbean Island Where the Billionaires Go to Escape the Millionaires.