How do you say house in Brazil?

How do you say house in Brazil?

In other languages house

  1. American English: house /ˈhaʊs/
  2. Arabic: بَيْتٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: casa.
  4. Chinese: 房屋
  5. Croatian: kuća.
  6. Czech: dům obytný
  7. Danish: hus.
  8. Dutch: huis.

What is a house called in Portugal?

Typologies. Real estate industry in Portugal usually divides housing units in two classes: apartments (apartamento or andar) and separate houses (vivenda or moradia).

What do you call a girl from Portugal?

In Portugal we seldom use ‘senhorita’, if ever. It sounds Spanish and rather pompous. We use either “menina” to address a youngster. A young lady is a ‘garota’ or a young girl up to 12-13 years of age.

How do you say Girl in European Portuguese?

One notable example is the word for “girl” in European Portuguese – “rapariga”.

What does Rapariga mean in Brazil?

In Portugal rapariga means ‘girl’ but in Brazil it sounds more like ‘concubine’ or even ‘prostitute’.

Why do Portuguese say ya?

Ya is perhaps the most self explanatory of all the Portuguese slang words on this list. Thanks to that, it is one of the most widely used slang words in all of Portugal. Although ya doesn’t have a literal meaning, it is often used in place of sim, meaning yes. Ya is also used in place of “uh-huh”.

What does pica mean in Spanish slang?

Pica most often means something that bites, like chile picante, something that stimulates your appetite, and makes you want to come back for more. It is also can be used for some one who bothers other people, which is a picaro.

What does Mozao mean?

it’s a very informal way to say “love/dear” or it can also mean the guy you have a crush on.

What is the meaning of Rapaz?

predatory; rapacious. lad; little chap; little boy.

How do you say what’s up in Brazil?

E aí? E aí? is quite a colloquial way of saying “hi.” It’s pretty much like saying “what’s up?” in English.