How do you say I play guitar in German?

How do you say I play guitar in German?

Ich spiele gerne Gitarre.

  1. English (US) Near fluent.
  2. German.

What is the correct spelling of guitar in German?

Translation of guitar in German

English German
the guitar die Gitarre

How do I say I play guitar in French?

I play the guitar. Je joue de la guitare.

Is guitar masculine or feminine in German?

Declension Gitarre (guitar) | All forms, plural, translation, definition, downloads, voice output.

What does Gitarre mean in German?

noun. guitar [noun] a type of musical instrument with usually six strings.

What is tennis called in German?

das Tennis

Who is the famous German tennis player?

Boris Franz Becker

What is basketball in German?

More German words for basketball. der Basketball noun. basketball. der Korbball noun.

Who are the top 10 tennis players?

After 6 years and almost 125,000 votes it’s time to refresh our list of players and the votes.

  • Roger Federer.
  • Rafael Nadal.
  • Novak Djokovic.
  • Rod Laver.
  • Pete Sampras.
  • Bjorn Borg.
  • Ivan Lendl.
  • Jimmy Connors.

Who is the best tennis player 2020?

ATP Ranking of the top 50 male tennis players worldwide based on ranking points as of October 2020

Characteristic World ranking points
Djokovic, Novak (SRB) 11,740
Nadal, Rafael (ESP) 9,850
Thiem, Dominic (AUT) 9,125
Roger Federer (SUI) 6,630

Who is the No 1 tennis player?

2021 Men’s Tennis ATP Rankings

Men’s Singles Rankings
1 Novak Djokovic 12113
2 Daniil Medvedev 10053
3 Rafael Nadal 8630

Who is World No 1 in tennis now?


Who has beaten Djokovic the most?


Who is best tennis player all time?

10 Best Tennis Players Of All Time – Men

  • Ivan Lendl.
  • Andre Agassi.
  • Jimmy Connors.
  • John McEnroe.
  • Bjorn Borg.
  • Pete Sampras.
  • Rod Laver.
  • Novak Djokovic.

Who is better Djokovic or Nadal?

Djokovic leads 15–13 in finals. Of all matches, 17 have been in Grand Slams with Nadal leading 10–7. Nadal leads 7–2 at the French Open and 2–1 at the US Open, while Djokovic leads 2–0 at the Australian Open and 2–1 at Wimbledon….ATP/ITF Rankings.

Rankings Djokovic Nadal
ITF World Champion 6 4

How fast is Novak Djokovic?

Novak Djokovic

Player Novak Djokovic
Country Serbia
Fastest serve speed 219 km/h (136 mph)
Height 6’2″ (188 cm)
Highest rank 1

Who has beaten Nadal the most?

Who has won all 4 Grand Slams?

Novak Djokovic

Has anyone won all 4 majors a year?

Bobby Jones, who won the pre-Masters era Career Grand Slam once, and is the only golfer ever to have won four majors in the same year.

What is Rodger Federer’s net worth?

As of now, Federer’s net worth clocks in at a lofty $450 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, and his overall career earnings have already eclipsed $900 million.

Did Roddick beat Federer?

Their match in the 2009 Wimbledon final, which reached a thirty-game fifth set, has been called one of the greatest matches in tennis history. On February 2, 2004, Federer overtook Roddick as world No….List of all matches.

Legend (2001–2008) Grand Slam
Legend (2009–present) Grand Slam
Federer 8
Roddick 0

What is Roger Federer’s fastest serve?

230 km/h

How much is Andy Roddick worth?

During his successful career, he won 32 titles. As of 2021, Andy Roddick’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $40 million.

How fast is Nadal’s serve?

135 mph

How fast is John Isner’s serve?

At ATP level, John Isner holds the ATP’s official record for the fastest serve at 253 km/h (157.2 mph).

Who has the fastest serve in tennis 2020?

Nick Kyrgios

Which female tennis player has hit the fastest serve ever?

Sabine Lisicki has broken Venus Williams’s record for the fastest serve in women’s tennis. The world No29 recorded 131mph – two miles an hour faster than Williams achieved at the 2007 US Open.

What is the fastest serve Serena Williams?

128 mph

Could Serena Williams beat a guy?

Venus and Serena Williams had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked outside the world’s top 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. He first took on Serena and after leading 5–0, beat her 6–1. Venus then walked on court and again Braasch was victorious, this time winning 6–2.

Which is the longest tennis match ever played?

2010 Wimbledon