How do you say your welcome in 20 different languages?

How do you say your welcome in 20 different languages?

Spanish — ¡Bienvenido/a! French — Bienvenue ! Italian — Benvenuto/a! Portuguese — Bem-vindo/a!

How do you say your welcome in different countries?

It’s fun to learn new languages. And when it comes to learning a new language, ‘welcome’ is one of the first words learned….Saying ‘Welcome’ in Europe.

Albanian i mirëpritur
Dutch welkom
Estonian tere tulemast
Finnish tervetuloa
French bienvenue/bienvenu

How do you say your welcome in different languages?

“You’re welcome” in different languages

Language Please / You’re Welcome Romanization
German bitte gern geschehen
Greek παρακαλώ παρακαλώ parakaló parakaló
Hindi कृपया आपका स्वागत हैं kripya aapka swagat hain
Hungarian kérem szívesen

How do you say thank you in sikkimese?

Here’s how you can say “thank you” in 100 of the world’s most spoken languages:

  1. Mandarin. xièxie. China, Taiwan, Singapore.
  2. Spanish. gracias.
  3. English. thank you.
  4. Hindi. dhanyavaad.
  5. Arabic. šukran.
  6. Portuguese. obrigada.
  7. Bengali. dhanyabaad.
  8. Russian. spasibo.

How do you reply to Hvala?

Also, when someone says hvala “thank you” other side will usually respond with molim, a word that usually means “please”. Finally, some greetings: Dobär dan! Dobro jutro!

What does Jeh Daw DYEH mean?

This is the standard way of saying “thank you” in Cantonese. Cantonese is spoken mainly within southern China. In native Chinese characters, spell the response out as 多謝. A rough pronunciation of do jeh is daw-dyeh. If you are thanking someone for a gift in advance, say “doh je sin” instead of “doh je.”