How do you spell Pastionet?

How do you spell Pastionet?

Correct spelling for the English word “passionate” is [pˈaʃənət], [pˈaʃənət], [p_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n_ə_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….725 words made out of letters PASSIONATE

  1. 3 letters. eat, ton, pie, iaa, tie, tin,
  2. 4 letters. neat, sise, eats, taos, sine, naps,
  3. 5 letters. panis, asten, ansip, senoi, naito, possa,

What does passionately mean?

: in a passionate manner: a : with great feeling and emotional intensity Walt never ceased to be passionately loyal to his home town …—

How do you spell Pashinit?


  1. having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid: a passionate advocate of socialism.
  2. easily aroused to or influenced by sexual desire; ardently sensual.
  3. expressing, showing, or marked by intense or strong feeling; emotional: passionate language.

How do you describe a passionate person?

A passionate person has very strong feelings about something or a strong belief in something. his passionate commitment to peace. A passionate person has strong romantic or sexual feelings and expresses them in their behavior.

Is it wrong to be passionate?

Being passionate is important in life, but it also can be difficult to deal with. Just like with all good things, too much of it can be damaging. However, passionate people, overall, do live happier and better lives than the average individual. Being passionate isn’t just about knowing – it’s also about feeling.

What is an example of passionate?

The definition of passionate is having or showing strong feelings, strong emotions or a strong sexual desire. An example of passionate is someone who loves their career. Fired with intense feeling; ardent, blazing, burning.

How would you describe a strong passion?

a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

  • the object of such a fondness or desire: Accuracy became a passion with him.
  • an outburst of strong emotion or feeling: He suddenly broke into a passion of bitter words.
  • violent anger.

What is another name for passion?

What is another word for passion?

feeling emotion
zeal zest
affection energy
excitement affectivity
animation ardourUK

How do you describe passionate love?

Hatfield defines passionate love as “a state of intense longing for union with another.” This type of love tends to be more common at the outset of a relationship. People in this state of love tend to experience very powerful feelings for each other.

How do you express passionate love?

Here are 10 tips to bring back the passion in your marriage:

  1. Change your pattern of initiating sex.
  2. Hold hands more often.
  3. Allow tension to build.
  4. Separate sexual intimacy from routine.
  5. Carve out time to spend with your partner.
  6. Focus on affectionate touch.
  7. Practice being more emotionally vulnerable during sex.

What’s another word for passionate love?

In this page you can discover 71 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for passionate, like: affectionate, enthusiastic, passionless, amative, erotic, fierce, thoughtful, ardent, amorous, impassioned and passionately.

How do you describe a passionate woman?

She’s strong, opinionated, loyal, full of ideas and direction — and that’s only a few of the reasons you like her. But before you pass go and collect your $200, know what you’re getting into: this is a woman who contains a lot of fire. Here are 15 things to know before loving a passionate woman.

What does passionate mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of passionate : having, showing, or expressing strong emotions or beliefs. : expressing or relating to strong sexual or romantic feelings.

What is the opposite meaning of passionate?

Opposite of marked by strong and intense feelings or emotions. apathetic. unemotional. dispassionate. emotionless.

How do you talk passionately?

Here are some important tips on how to speak with passion and to strive purposefully to better your speaking ability.

  1. Use inclusive language.
  2. Adapt to the feedback you see from your audience.
  3. Let your personality take the stage.
  4. Communicate as a leader.
  5. Be a storyteller.