How do you use regale in a sentence?

How do you use regale in a sentence?

provide with choice or abundant food or drink. (1) She regaled us with an account of her school-days. (2) She regaled the guests with the best dishes she could offer. (3) She regaled us with tales of her wild youth.

What kind of adjective is tremendous?

adjective. extraordinarily great in size, amount, or intensity: a tremendous ocean liner; tremendous talent. extraordinary in excellence: a tremendous movie. dreadful or awful, as in character or effect; exciting fear; frightening; terrifying.

What does it mean when someone is Regal?

adjective. If you describe something as regal, you mean that it is suitable for a king or queen, because it is very impressive or beautiful. He sat with such regal dignity. Synonyms: royal, majestic, kingly or queenly, noble More Synonyms of regal.

What is mellow mood?

mellow adjective (RELAXED) relaxed and pleasant or not severe: a mellow mood/atmosphere. After a few drinks, he became very mellow. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Calm and relaxed.

What do the words tranquil and rare signify?

Answer Expert Verified The figure of speech used in the expression ” life in tower is tranquil and rare ” is alliteration. Explanation: Alliteration is the use of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words that are close together, as ‘She sang a song of sixpence.

Why is Amanda always moody?

Amanda seems moody most of the time because she tries to make an escape from her sorry reality where she is always nagged. It is indeed a sorry state for her. The only defence against such reality is her imagination where she often escapes to. Hence, it makes her look moody and uninterested.

What do the words tranquil and rare signify class 10?

life in a tower is tranquil and rare; I’ll certainly never let down my bright hair’. Why does the poet say that life in a tower is tranquil and rare? The poet feels that life in a tower is peaceful and full of freedom because there is no one to nag you.

Who is Amanda Class 10?

Amanda is about a 9-10 year old school going girl. She is being scolded for things typical for that particular age. Her parents are trying to inculcate in her good manners and etiquettes. Amanda is very innocent and immature.

Who was Rapunzel Class 10?

Complete answer: Rapunzel was a young woman who lived alone in a high tower with a witch who claimed to be her foster mother. Rapunzel had long hair, and when the witch tried to climb the tower, she requested that Rapunzel let her long hair fall from the window.

Where is Rapunzel found?

Rapunzel is the protagonist of Disney’s 2010 animated feature film, Tangled. She is the princess of the kingdom of Corona, known for her long, magical, golden hair.

Where is Amanda now?

Answer: Amanda imagines herself as a mermaid who lives a clam and relaxing life in the beautiful green sea.

What is Amanda yearn Class 10?

Answer. Amanda yearns for some freedom so that she could enjoy her growing years.

What kind of a girl is Amanda?


Why is Amanda always yearn?

The girl, i.e. Amanda, yearns for freedom and solitude. Her parents are always telling her how to behave and what to do, in order to groom her well. This shows that she craves to be alone so that she will not be bothered by her parents and she also wants the freedom to do whatever she pleases.

Why does Amanda wish to be a mermaid and orphan and Rapunzel?

Amanda wishes to be a mermaid so she could drift alone by blissfully languid, emerald sea. She yearns to be an orphan so that she is able to roam the sea and make pattern using her bare feet. Being Rapunzel means she could live carefree on a high tower.