How do you write II after a name?

How do you write II after a name?

A man named after his grandfather, uncle, or cousin uses the suffix II, “the second.” In writing, a comma is used to separate the surname and the suffixes Jr. and Sr., though the trend is now toward dropping the comma. Junior, when spelled out, is written with a lower case j.

Is JR the same as II?

JR is to be used when the child is going to have the same name as his father. On the other hand, II is to be used when the child would be taking the name of a family member other than his father. It could be an uncle, grandfather, great-grandfather, and so forth.

Where do you put JR when last name is first?

In a full name listing, the suffix follows the last name because the person is primarily known by is given name and surname, the suffix being a secondary piece of information. When listing last name first, the given name follows the surname because that is how we sort: all the Does, then the Johns, and finally the Jr.

Do you put a comma before Jr or III?

When you write a name with a jr. after the last name, a comma is used. When you write III, do you put a comma after the name: John Jones, Jr.

Does a comma go after last name before JR?

In short, the general modern style is to write names such as Martin Luther King Jr. without the comma—that’s what you should see in private newspapers and websites—but if you write for a government publication or website that follows USGPO style, you should include the comma before Jr.

Is there a comma after Jr or Sr?

In a sentence, add a comma after Jr. or Sr. if words follow; the suffix is parenthetical: Sammy Davis, Jr., was a member of the Rat Pack. But see the MLA Handbook, section 2.1.

What is the order of SR Jr III?

The son does not stay “Jr.” after the death of the “Sr.” That way, if Barnabas Ludwig Johnson III grows up and wants to give his son the same name, then Barnabas Ludwig Johnson III can now call himself “Sr.”, and his son, Barnabas Ludwig Johnson IV, could use the suffix “Jr.”

Is there a period after JR in a name?

Titles after names: Sr., Jr., Ph. D., M.D., B.A., M.A., D.D.S. These are standard abbreviations, with periods.

What comes after JR in a name?

The suffix III is used after either Jr. or II and, like subsequent numeric suffixes, does not need to be restricted to one family line.

Where do you put JR in a name?

For the address, it is traditional to use the suffix “Jr.” for a child with the same name as a parent: John Adams, Jr….Subsequent generations use Roman Numerals to designate position:

  • John Adams, III.
  • John Adams, IV.
  • Etc.

Can you be a third with a different middle name?

The suffixes are used only when names are identical. If the middle names are different, there is no use for Sr. or Jr. or III, etc. It’s still significant to share a name; you just don’t need to use a suffix because your middle name distinguishes you already.

How does passing down a name work?

Historically, experts have said men with the suffix Jr. For the suffixes III, IV, V and so on and so forth, if a boy is named after his father, and his father is a Jr. or II, then the boy becomes the third (III) and, as the name is passed down, later generations become the fourth (IV), the fifth (V)—you get the idea.

Can you name your child the fourth?

I’m afraid so: the suffixes Jr., III, IV, etc., are only used if the name is exactly the same. It might make for a nice compromise and/or a gentle way to break the tradition: give the baby his father’s first name and surname, but use his mother’s father’s name for the middle and drop the V suffix.

What is a nickname for a fourth? The fourth generation carrying a name (usually with IV after his name) may be referred to as [name]Ivy[/name], (as in IV) Quad, Quadry, or [name]Dru[/name] (from Quadruple).

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