How do you write pro in French?

How do you write pro in French?


  1. 1. (= non-amateur) professionnel(le) m/f.
  2. 2. (= person with a professional job) professionnel(le) m/f.
  3. 3. (= good, reliable person) professionnel(le) m/f. She’s a real professional. C’est une vraie professionnelle.

What does pro something mean?

1. An argument or consideration in favor of something: weighing the pros and cons. 2. In favor; affirmatively: arguing pro and con.

Does Pro mean good?

Pro is a Latin root word meaning for. Pro is also the shortened form of the word “professional,” often referring to professional sports. If your cousin plays college basketball — and he’s really good — he’ll have to decide if he is going to turn pro or finish college first.

What’s another word for pro?

Pro Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for pro?

seasoned expert
skilled proficient
good capable
crackerjack masterly
able master

What’s the opposite of pro?

What is the opposite of pro?

amateur rookie
tyro nonexpert
inexpert newbie
dabbler non-specialist
non-professional newcomer

What is an example of pro?

The definition of a pro is a professional, or the yes side of a debate question. An example of a pro is a Major League Baseball player. An example of a pro is the side of the argument that disagrees with those who hold the con position. An argument or consideration in favor of something.

What is the opposite of Raw?

not cooked, prepared: done, unnatural, clean, nice, pleasant, clement, healed, cooked, moral, refined, experienced, polished, polite, good, smooth, warm, healthy, well-done, sophisticated, gentle.

What are pros and cons?

phrase. The pros and cons of something are its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision.

How do you list pros and cons?

First, write the decision you have to make at the top of a sheet of paper. Next, divide it in half vertically, and label one side “Pros” and the other “Cons.” Then, list all of the possible positive consequences of the decision in the pros column, and all the negative effects in the cons column.

What is another name for raw?

Raw Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for raw?

uncooked fresh
undercooked green
bloody natural
unripe unbaked
unfried unpasteurized

What is the other name of Raw?

Some common synonyms of raw are crude, rough, and rude. While all these words mean “lacking in social refinement,” raw suggests being untested, inexperienced, or unfinished.

What is another word for raw materials?

other words for raw material

  • basic material.
  • grist.
  • organic matter.
  • primal matter.
  • resources.
  • staple.
  • stock.
  • unprocessed material.

What is the meaning of raw materials?

Raw materials are materials or substances used in the primary production or manufacturing of goods. Raw materials are commodities that are bought and sold on commodities exchanges worldwide.

What’s a sentence for raw materials?

1) All the raw materials are imported. 2) We cannot guarantee adequate supplies of raw materials. 3) Exploitable raw materials were in short supply. 4) We import raw materials and energy and export mainly in-dustrial products.

What is opposite of raw material?

final draft. articles of manufacture. clean fuel. clear material.

What is another word for finished product?

What is another word for finished product?

end product upshot
outcome consequence
end result product
output final result
result handiwork

What is another word for materials?

Synonyms of materials

  • accoutrements.
  • (or accouterments),
  • apparatus,
  • equipment,
  • gear,
  • hardware,
  • kit.
  • [chiefly British],

What’s another word for components?


  • building block,
  • constituent,
  • element,
  • factor,
  • ingredient,
  • member.

What does Section mean?

noun. a part that is cut off or separated. a distinct part or subdivision of anything, as an object, country, community, class, or the like: the poor section of town; the left section of a drawer.

What is the meaning of components?

: one of the parts of something (such as a system or mixture) : an important piece of something. component. adjective. English Language Learners Definition of component (Entry 2 of 2) : helping to make up the whole of something (such as a system or a mixture) : forming or being a part of something.

What is another word for make up?

In this page you can discover 79 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for make up, like: create, combine, compound, account for, consist of, fabricate, fashion, comprise, devise, conciliate and beautify.

What is the word for putting makeup on your face?

What does farding mean? Farding is the act of applying makeup. Farding comes from the word fard, which can be a verb meaning to apply makeup or a noun meaning makeup or other facial cosmetics.

What word goes with beauty?

  • adorable.
  • aesthetic.
  • aesthetically pleasing.
  • aglow.
  • alluring.
  • angelic.
  • appealing.
  • artful.

What do you call a person who loves makeup?

Constantly buying makeup, obsession with wanting to look different and being unable to wear your natural face qualify you as a ‘cosmoholic’. Watch out, you might be a makeup addict or a cosmoholic.

What is Philocalist mean?

Philokalist or Philocalist literally means “lover of beauty” (Greek roots phil- + kalos). The term may refer to: A pen name of Felix Wierzbicki.

What do you call people who hair?

The title for someone who is trained in styling hair and applying makeup is a cosmetologist. While hairstylists focus only on hair, and makeup artists focus only on makeup, cosmetologists are also trained to analyze skin including the scalp.