How do you write your birthday in French?

How do you write your birthday in French?

The Standard Ways to Say “Happy Birthday” in French

  1. Joyeux anniversaire ! Happy Birthday!
  2. Bon anniversaire ! Happy Birthday!
  3. Passe(z) un bon anniversaire. Have a good birthday.
  4. Passe(z) une merveilleuse journée. Have a wonderful day.
  5. Meilleurs vœux. Best wishes.
  6. Félicitations.
  7. Quel âge as-tu?
  8. Quel âge avez-vous?

What is the date if your birthday in French?

How to say “When is your birthday?” in French (Quelle est ta date d’anniversaire ?)

How do I say my birthday?

Different Ways to Say Happy Birthday

  1. Many happy returns of the day!
  2. Have a good one!
  3. Have a great birthday!
  4. All the best!
  5. Many more happy returns!
  6. I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  7. May your birthday be filled with laughter!
  8. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Who was born on or in?

If you are talking about the year, month or season then it should be: Born in. Example: I was born in 1980 (May, summer). If you are talking about day of the week or a holiday then it should be Born on. Example: I was born on Monday (Christmas day).

What’s your birthday or when is your birthday?

“When is your birthday” is correct; everyone who has ever had a birthday party knows what a birthday is. But as Quora User points out, it’s okay to ask “what is your birth date” (or birth month or birth year). The structure seems the same, but you are asking for a particular value for the date.

What is my birthday color?

Choose Your Birthday Color
Birth Date Your Birth Color
December 23rd – 1st January Red
January 2nd – 11th January Orange
January 12th – 24th January Yellow

Is it your birthday today correct?

Is it your happy birthday today? Correct Sentence : ‘Birthday’ refers to an event/occasion, while happy describes its nature. So, whereas, while wishing someone one would say/write ‘happy birthday’, while referring to the event/occasion, one just uses the word ‘birthday’.

Can I say happy birthday to her?

Here are some of the sweetest birthday wishes for her that you can send to any great woman in your life. “Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday!” “Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!”

How do you ask someone its your birthday today?

If you *do* want the year then “What is your date of birth?” is the question, and they’ll tell you the date including the year (if they’re comfortable doing so). If you don’t need the year, then just ask “when’s your birthday” and they’ll just give you the month and day-of-the-month. 2.

How do you say convey your birthday wishes?

20 Best Birthday Messages to Convey ‘Happy Birthday’ Wishes!!

  1. Our childhood memories are a treasure to me. I cherish each and every moment with you.
  2. Someone whom you can be yourself with, Someone who you can have pointless conversations with,
  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!
  4. Dear Buddy,
  5. Nothing but lovely moments.

Is Happy birthday a word?

In common use to wish someone, the right usage is ‘birthday’ as one word. Only “birthday” is correct when referencing the anniversary of the day you were born.

How do you respond when everyone forgets your birthday?

When Someone Forgets Your Birthday: 11 Funny Thoughts We All Have

  1. “But I remembered theirs?”
  2. “It’s not like they’ve even got lots going on…”
  3. “I spent hours choosing their present!”
  4. “Well, they bought [shared close friend] a birthday present”
  5. “Okay, that’s fine, I’ll just conveniently forget theirs too.”

Why has no one wished me happy birthday on Facebook?

Miss getting birthday messages on your Facebook profile? Then make sure your privacy settings allow your friends to post to your timeline. Click the little down-arrow in the top-right corner of any Facebook page, then select Privacy Settings. Find the “Timeline and Tagging” section and click the “Edit Settings” link.

Should you text a guy happy birthday?

Yes you should ignore “wishing him happy birthday” To remember won’t make him think you’re sweet and thoughtful and turn his heart toward you. PUT YOURSELF FIRST. If you start off a chaser you’ll maintain it and he’ll eventually leave you for someone he has to chase and earn her affection.

How do I tell him happy birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday to my best guy friend!
  2. Best birthday wishes to one of best guys I know!
  3. Happy Bro-thday!
  4. Happy Birthday, you party animal you.
  5. Happy Birthday, Silver Fox!
  6. Another year of being an all-around awesome guy.
  7. Happy Birthday to a friendly man and a manly friend!
  8. Hope you have a man-tastic birthday!

Should I wish him happy birthday after fight?

In this case it’s more of an obligation to wish your ex a happy birthday, but you still have to make the effort. They would most probably appreciate it and be happy to start talking to you again on this special day; unless you’ve been fighting since the breakup.

How do you text a guy happy birthday?

9 Flirty Texts to Send Your Crush on Their Birthday

  1. “Don’t party too hard without me!”
  2. “Hey, birthday boy.
  3. “I’m glad you were born.”
  4. “I hope you have a birthday as unforgettable as I am.”
  5. “Congratulations on another year of surviving.”
  6. “I have a birthday present for you.

What message can I send to my boyfriend on his birthday?

Happy bday, my love, I wishing you all the most wonderful experiences on your day and every day! You Charming Eye and Face are the first attraction inside you, but the most loving thing I like inside you is your heart. Happy Birthday, Darling. Your smile, love, and laugh make me live my life more happily.

How do you say happy birthday funny?

To Parents

  1. “Happy birthday! I’m your karma!”
  2. “Happy birthday! Your gift is me admitting you were always right!”
  3. “Happy birthday, mom/dad! I was a gift to you, it’s called ‘my’ birthday!”
  4. “Happy birthday! The only thing getting old is that phrase!”
  5. “Happy belated birthday, sorry I was (insert age here) years late!”

How do you write your birthday in French?

How do you write your birthday in French?

The French, Mon anniversaire est le vingt-deux octobre., can be broken down into 6 parts:”my (masculine singular)” (mon), “birthday” (anniversaire), “is (3rd person singular)” (est), “the (masculine)” (le), “22 (twenty-two)” (vingt-deux) and “October” (octobre).

What is the date if your birthday in French?

How to say “When is your birthday?” in French (Quelle est ta date d’anniversaire ?)

How do you say a romantic date in French?

dater (vt.) ; sortir (vi.) It’s perfect for a romantic date. C’est parfait pour un rendez-vous romantique.

How do you talk to a girl in French?

How to Impress a French Woman

  1. French women are like magnets.
  2. To impress a French woman, you must be faux-ugly.
  3. You must be a faux romantic.
  4. If you are neither faux-ugly nor faux-romantic, don’t bother.
  5. Don’t shave too closely.
  6. Don’t apply moisturizer.
  7. Never, under any circumstance, eat cheese on a date.

How do you decide on a date?

If this is something you’re dealing with, here are some tips for making good choices when it comes to dating and mating.

  1. People will tell you exactly who they are; it’s up to you to listen.
  2. Take a test drive.
  3. Look for someone who is kind and loving.
  4. Make sure the person you’re seeing doesn’t smoke, even if you do.

What are 3 types of dating?

Dr. Pat Allen believes there are three different kinds of dating: Duty Dating®, Real dating, and Courtship.

Why is dating so hard for guys?

Another reason dating is hard for men is because modern men just aren’t as attractive and dateable as in the past. Women typically date men who are higher in social, educational, and financial status. They also are generally attracted to men who are assertive, muscular, dominant, and ambitious.

What should you not do in early stages of dating?

Nine dating mistakes people make at the start of a relationship

  • Stalking your date on social media.
  • Talking about an ex.
  • Playing “the waiting game”
  • Revealing too much about yourself.
  • Believing a first date is a disaster if you don’t kiss.
  • Having a strict checklist.
  • Never speaking to them on the phone.

What should you avoid in a new relationship?

The love bubble: ten mistakes to avoid in a new romance

  • Coming on too strong.
  • Being too rigid in what you want.
  • Performing for them.
  • Not learning from past relationships.
  • Moving too fast.
  • Ignoring red flags.
  • Posting too much online.
  • Not establishing clear boundaries early on.

How soon is too soon to start relationship?

While there is no “magic number” for how long to wait before beginning a new relationship, think in terms of months rather than weeks. Some experts suggest that you should wait a month for every year that you were in the relationship before jumping back into another one.

What a girl should not do in a relationship?

Here are 10 things a girl should not do to her boyfriend:

  • Call him every minute when he’s out.
  • Nag him about every little thing.
  • Stop him from hanging out with his friends.
  • Go through his things.
  • Use emotional blackmail.
  • Jump to conclusions.
  • Turn him to someone else.
  • Get mad at him for no reason.

What woman should do for her man?


  • Respect him.
  • Pray for him and with him.
  • Appreciate him – let him know that you appreciate all that he does for you even if he is only just fulfilling his responsibilities.
  • Buy him gifts.
  • Consistently improve on yourself for him.
  • Take him out on dates.

What are the things that kills relationship?

25 Things That Can Gradually Kill The Love In Your Relationship

  • Jealousy and lack of trust.
  • Lack of interest.
  • You give up important things in your life.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Everyday frustrations.
  • You barely talk about your feelings.
  • You make disrespectful comments.
  • You treat your partner as one of your friends.

What a woman should never do for a man?

5 Things A Woman Should Never Do For A Man, Or Anyone Else

  • Change your appearance. Unless you want to, for your own happiness.
  • Forgo your own opinion.
  • Compromise on your personal relationships.
  • Give up your passions.
  • Alter your life plans.

What you should never tell a man?

9 Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

  • Aren’t You Going to Get That?
  • It Happens to Everyone.
  • Do You Even Know How to Change a Tire?
  • It’s Just a Game.
  • It Must Be Nice Your Wife Pays for Everything.
  • Why Can’t You Be More Like Judy’s Boyfriend?
  • You Have to Choose: Your Mom or Me.
  • Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?

What is a bad boyfriend?

A bad boyfriend is someone who would use peer pressure or even blackmail your own relationship to make you do something. Just DON’T. A good boyfriend will never want to make you feel uncomfortable or harm you in any way. He will never encourage you to do any vices. He will always look out for you.

What you should never say to a guy?

10 things to never say to your boyfriend

  • #1 “I hate my ex”
  • #2 “Be a man”
  • #3 “Your friend is kinda hot!”
  • #4 “Prove how much you love me”
  • #5 “I can help you shop!”
  • #6 “Sometimes you tend to remind me of my ex”
  • #7 “Your friends or me?”
  • #8 “You’re going grey or you’ve gained weight”

What are the 4 words to never say to a man?

But you have to understand that while most men accept that communication is important, we still dread those four words….

  • “Mom is coming over.”
  • “When is Date Night.”
  • “I think I’m late.”
  • “Do I look fat?”
  • “Did I wake you?”
  • “Be honest with me.”
  • “Who are you texting?
  • “Don’t talk to me.”*

What is the man’s secret obsession?

A man’s secret obsession is something that a guy desires more than love and money and he is secretly obsessed with. It is important to find out what your man’s secret obsession is so that you can win his love and commitment for the rest of your life.

What the meanest thing you can say to a guy?

60 People Share The Most Soul-Crushingly Cruel Thing Anyone Ever Said To Them

  • “You will end up alone.”
  • “I wish you hadn’t failed.”
  • “If I was your best friend I would have killed myself, too.”
  • “I hope they never find your dad and I hope he’s dead.”
  • “My life would be so much better if you were never born.”

What is the rudest thing you can say to somebody?

The rudest thing that you can say to anyone is “F**K You! I don’t care who it is that you say it to, it will definitely shut them up and make them speechless were you’re concerned.

What is the most hurtful thing you can say to a man?

The most hurtful thing to say to a guy is to tell him he is a lazy husband, a selfish boyfriend or he is trying to control you and not letting you fly. But when you cool down you realise all the things he is doing for you always but the worse words have already been uttered.

Do men’s feelings get hurt?

Women are always being accused of being too emotional, but ABC News reports it’s men who are more hurt when relationships hit a rough patch. However, just because they’re hiding their emotions it doesn’t mean they’re not having them. Men have the same feelings and emotions as women. They just have no outlet.

Why do guys hurt the girl they love the most?

Sometimes men hurt the women they love because they’re stressed out. Some husbands or boyfriends blame their abusive behavior on work stress, unemployment stress, school stress, or even just life stress. If your boyfriend lives with a lot of stress – which most of us do – then he may say stress is why he abuses you.

Do guys feel bad for hurting you?

Sometimes, guys hurt you and leave you for their own stupid reasons but eventually start to regret hurting you. They feel guilty and will go out of their way to do things for you when they feel remorse about hurting you. Their guilt starts eating away at them and you will see a drastic change in his behaviour.

How do you know if a guy is sad?

Symptoms in men and women feeling sad, tearful, low, guilty, or empty. losing enjoyment in pleasurable activities. appetite or weight changes. too little or too much sleep.

How do you write your birthday in French?

How do you write your birthday in French?

The Standard Ways to Say “Happy Birthday” in French

  1. Joyeux anniversaire ! Happy Birthday!
  2. Bon anniversaire ! Happy Birthday!
  3. Passe(z) un bon anniversaire. Have a good birthday.
  4. Passe(z) une merveilleuse journée. Have a wonderful day.
  5. Meilleurs vœux. Best wishes.
  6. Félicitations.
  7. Quel âge as-tu?
  8. Quel âge avez-vous?

What is the date if your birthday in French?

How to say “When is your birthday?” in French (Quelle est ta date d’anniversaire ?)

How do you write the date and time in French?

In France, the all-numeric form for dates is in the order “day month year”, using a stroke as the separator. Example: 31/12/1992 or 31/12/92. Years can be written with two or four digits, and numbers may be written with or without leading zero.

How do you respond to Quelle est la date Aujourd Hui?

“C’est quel jour aujourd’hui?” (say kell jur (soft “j”) oh jur du ee). The response is “C’est aujourd’hui lundi” (Sayt oh jur doo e luhn dee) or “C’est aujourd’hui lundi, le dix Decembre”.

How do you ask the date in French?

There are a few different formulas you need to know in order to talk about the day of the week in French. French has three different ways to ask “What day (of the week) is it?” Quel jour est-ce ? Quel jour est-on ?…So “It’s Saturday” can be said:

  1. C’est samedi.
  2. On est samedi.
  3. Nous sommes samedi.

What is CC in French?


What is lmao in French?

PTDR – Pété de rire. English equivalent: LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off)

What does koi29 mean in French?

The word koi29 is used in French, Slang, Texting meaning whats new,Quoi de neuf,what’s new?, whats up.

How do you text slang in French?

Here in this article, we’ll take a look at common French text slang and their equivalent in English….French Text Slang.

MDR = Mort de rire. It means ‘dying of laughter’. Just like LOL in English.
Cc = Coucou. Hey/ hi!
slt= Salut. Hi!
Bjr = Bonjour. Hello
Bsr = Bonsoir. Good evening

What does a2m1 mean?

tomorrow tomorrow

What does P2Q mean?

Lyxor Etf Indonesia 10

How do you abbreviate Aujourd Hui?

* auj: Abbreviation for “aujourd’hui”, meaning “today”.

What does SMS mean in French?

[ˌɛsɛmˈɛs ] noun abbreviation. (= short message system) SMS m.

How do French people laugh?

French uses onomatopoeic laughter variations much like those in English. It also, like many non-English languages, uses the universalized “LOL” to indicate laugher. But French also has a more delightful acronym: The French equivalent of LOL is MDR, which means “mort de rire,” or “dying of laughter.”

Do French people say LMAO?

Translation of “L.M.A.O” in French I’m L.M.A.O. right now. Je suis M.D.R. maintenant.

How do you say bruh in French?

Translation of “bruh!” in French Oscar, lève-toi, frère !

What does BG mean in French slang?

BG. These days BG is a popular acronym. It stands for beau gosse, which means hot guy.

Does BG mean girl?

BG – “Baby Girl” by