How does a Long Way Gone end?

How does a Long Way Gone end?

What’s Up With the Ending? Ishmael ends his story not with his safe arrival in America, but with a little tale he heard as a boy: You are a hunter and you are about to shoot a monkey. Before you can pull the trigger, the monkey tells you that if you kill him your mother will die.

What is Beah’s purpose in writing a long way gone?

Lesson Summary He said he also wrote the book to educate people about Sierra Leone and its struggles. Few people understood even where Sierra Leone was, Beah recognized, so he needed a platform to be able to discuss his home country.

How does the setting in the excerpt support the plot a long way gone?

How does the setting in the excerpt support the plot? The setting is so peaceful and beautiful that it is a stark contrast with the Kabati after the rebel attack.

Is a long way gone a true story?

A Long Way Gone is the true story of Ishmael Beah, who becomes an unwilling boy soldier during a civil war in Sierra Leone. When he is twelve years old, Beah’s village is attacked while he is away performing in a rap group with friends.

How did Saidu die?

In A Long Way Gone, Saidu dies after the boys eat a crow that falls from the sky. Saidu becomes sick, vomiting and fainting.

Who died in a Long Way Gone?

Ishmael and the other boy soldiers fight alongside the military, and Ishmael kills a man for the first time. Two of his close friends, Musa and Josiah, are shot, and he watches them die. The death of his friends stirs anger in Ishmael that allows him to fight harder.

What does a Long Way Gone teach us?

Full of fear, suffering, and hope for redemption, Ishmael Beah’s memoir A Long Way Gone will introduce students to the life of a child soldier during the civil war in Sierra Leone….Order A Long Way Gone Resources from Prestwick House.

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Why was Ishmael not afraid of the lifeless bodies what was happening to him?

Why was Ishmael not afraid of the lifeless bodies? What was happening to him? He was angry, retaliating for the death of all the people and buying into the brainwashing. Even though Ishmael says he shot as many as he could, why do you think he didn’t feel better?

What was Ishmael’s nickname when he was a soldier?



While running from the RUF, Junior and Ishmael are separated. Months later, Ishmael learns that his brother escaped the attack and may be alive. When Ishmael finds the village where he believes his family is hiding, the RUF attack again. Junior’s body is never found but he is presumed dead.

What happens to Mambu?

What happens to Mambu and why? Mambu went back to the front lines, because his family wouldn’t take him in. They probably wouldn’t take him in, because the war brainwashed him to be a monster.

What happens to Saidu on the verandah?

They are fed and given a veranda to sleep on. A woman finds them and tells each of them news of their family. During the night, Saidu dies, and the boys are responsible for honoring his death and burying his body before they begin travelling again, this time in search of their families.

What does the crow symbolize in a Long Way Gone?

In A Long Way Gone, the crow appears to symbolize “a sign of a curse or bad luck.” The bird falls from the sky, and Beah says “it…

Who dies in Chapter 10 of A Long Way Gone?

Sadly, things take a terrible turn that night. Saidu dies. The boys and the villagers bury him and say some prayers. The next morning, the remaining six boys get up to travel to the village where Ishmael’s family might be.

What happens when they stop to rest on the hill top from carrying the bananas?

He has seen and spoken to Ishmael’s mother, father, and brothers. What happens when they stop to rest on the hill top from carrying the bananas? Gunshots and dogs barking came from the village.

What was happening to Ishmael’s body?

What was happening to his body? Ishmael’s stomach was hurting, because he was so hungry. It was painful to drink water and he felt cramps in his guts. It felt like something was eating the insides of his stomach.

Why wouldn’t the families who walked to Ishmael’s village stay there?

Why wouldn’t the families who had walked to Ishmael’s village stay there? They knew the war was coming to his village.

Why does Ishmael hit Gasemu with a pestle?

Ishmael and his travelling companions walk to the village where they have been told their families are. Ishmael attacks Gasemu as he blames him for taking too long, therefore preventing Ishmael from seeing his family. All the boys begin fighting until they hear the rebels walk into the camp.

How does Ishmael change in A Long Way Gone?

Ishmael’s story is one of personal transformation and survival. Before the war, he enjoys a happy childhood in his village. During the war, he becomes a killing machine capable of horrible acts of violence. When UNICEF rescues the boy soldiers from the front lines of war, Ishmael is rehabilitated.

What information does the group gain from listening to the rebels?

5. What information does the group gain from listening to the rebels? IS THIS CORRECT? They overhear the rebels boasting of the killings, but there is uncertainty as to whether some villagers may have escaped.

How does Ishmael become junior lieutenant?

When he slits someone’s throat and tortures rebels, Ishmael and the men cheer and enjoy the violence. Ishmael quickly and deftly uses his bayonet to slice his prisoner’s Adam’s apple in a zigzag. He is awarded the title of junior lieutenant and celebrates with the other men with more drugs and more war movies.

What did Esther give Ishmael?

Esther is Ishmael’s nurse at Benin House, the rehabilitation center where he is brought after the war. She treats Ishmael’s wounds and encourages him to talk about his experiences. When Esther brings him a cassette of rap music and a Walkman, Ishmael has a breakthrough in his therapy.

How does Ishmael leave the war?

She agrees to help. Ishmael escapes the country illegally and makes a harrowing journey to the Sierra Leone embassy in Guinea, where he is given shelter as a war refugee. Ishmael’s true transformation is revealed when he finds himself in the middle of the mob of civilian protestors and must restrain his anger.

What are the white pills in a Long Way Gone?

The white capsules the young soldiers are given are probably some form of methamphetamine, since they are allegedly intended to boost the boys’ energy. Beah notes later that he and the other soldiers become addicted to the drugs, just as they become dependent upon cocaine, brown brown, and marijuana.

What was the date at the beginning of Chapter 15 A Long Way Gone?

In January of 1996, when Ishmael is 15 years old, his world is again changed.

How do Ishmael’s memories bring him comfort in difficult times?

They play together, once more becoming children. How does Ishmael Beah use memory as a comfort in his most difficult circumstances? By focussing on such memories as stories his grandmother told him, his grandfather’s medicines, and the blessing of his childhood home, Beah is able to find solace in madness.

What question does Ishmael ask himself as he faces the horrors of the war and is separated from his family?

“Is there an end to this madness, and is there any future for him beyond the bushes?” (pg. 45; Ishmael asks himself this question as he faces the horrors of war and is separated from his family.)

How does music play a role in Ishmael’s recovery?

The music he’s again surrounding himself with is helpful in focusing his mind. Ishmael thinks of the lyrics and loses himself in the beat to avoid war flashbacks and painful memories. Music is helping him heal and open again to the possibilities of his future.

What does music symbolize in a Long Way Gone?

When Ishmael recites Shakespeare at the talent show, it indicates that he has rehabilitated as is able to connect the words with childhood memories rather than war. Rap music serves Ishmael throughout the ordeal by putting him out of harm’s way and distracting him from the terrible things that are happening around him.

Who is Leslie in A Long Way Gone?

Leslie is basically Ishmael’s caseworker when he’s at Benin Center. He’s one of the adults who takes Ishmael under his wing once his home and family are taken from him. After all, Ishmael is still just a kid and he needs all the help he can get.