How does Jonas change Chapter 13?

How does Jonas change Chapter 13?

Jonas has begun to see colors, though he just as often sees the Sameness. Still, the Giver assures him, he will eventually be able to see color permanently. When the Giver asks Jonas to explain what is not fair, Jonas struggles to explain but eventually settles on the notion of choice.

What does Jonas do at the end of Chapter 13 and what does this show about him?

By taking a painful memory, Jonas realizes, he will be able to assume some of the The Giver’s burden. The Giver decides to start with the memory of the sled. Jonas decides to take on The Giver’s pain because he cares about The Giver.

How did Jonas change throughout the giver?

Jonas’ character changes and becomes more complex. He experiences an inner conflict because he misses his old life, his childhood, and his innocence, but he can’t return to his former way of life because he has learned too much about joy, color, and love. Jonas knows that his life can never be “ordinary” again.

How does Jonas’s view of the community change by the end of the novel?

His only worry is whether he will be assigned a good job. By the end of the novel, he is thinking for himself. He has decided that the Sameness he grew up with is completely unacceptable. He is willing to go Elsewhere and release all his “memories” back into the community even though this will surely destroy it.

What happened to Jonas and Gabe at the end of the giver?

At the end of The Giver, Jonas and Gabe head down through the snow to a place where there is music. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo. This ending is kind of confusing.

What happened to the community after Jonas left?

Without Jonas to receive the memories, they will return to the people. After Jonas leaves with Gabriel, then ideally all of the memories that The Giver holds will be released into the community. The citizens will become aware of the history of the world, and the reality of their present community.

Why didn’t Jonas want to go home what was the giver’s response?

In Ch. 20 Jonas refuses to go home because he has just seen a video of the “release” that his father performed on a newborn twin that morning at the Nurturing Center. Up until this point in the novel, Jonas has not really understood what “release” really meant.

What memory did Jonas want the giver to keep for himself?


What does Jonas realize about Fiona?

What did Jonas realize about Fiona and the concept of love? He thinks she is lovely, but she takes the pills so she cant have stirrings about him.