How does Ralph start the fire?

How does Ralph start the fire?

After Jack rips the glasses off of Piggy’s face, Ralph takes them and focuses a ray from the sun onto the dry wood. Almost immediately, smoke begins to rise from the wood and the boys begin to blow until a tiny flame appears. The flame grows as the fire ignites and the boys start to celebrate their accomplishment.

Why does Ralph want to light a fire on the mountain What does the fire symbolize?

Ralph had been hiding from Jack’s tribe, so some of Jack’s boys lit a fire to force Ralph out into the open so they could find him and kill him. The signal fire that was lit for the purpose of rescue is now being used for savagery and murder, and it is this murderous fire that symbolically rages out of control.

How does the first fire on the island foreshadow the destructive forces that overwhelm the boys in Lord of the Flies?

How does the first fire on the island foreshadow the destructive forces that overwhelm the boys in Lord of the Flies? In their excitement, they lose their sense and start a fire that burns out of control. This fire takes the life of the little boy with the birthmark.

Why did Jack try to kill Ralph?

Ralph spies on Castle Rock from a hiding place in the forest. He thinks the boys have become savages and knows Jack will try to kill him. Jack must destroy Ralph for savagery to prevail over civilization.

How did the boy with the birthmark die?

His birthmark is on his face and said to be “mulberry-coloured”. He is the first boy to die, as he is killed in a fire. However at the end of the novel, Ralph fails to acknowledge him as one of the deceased people, bringing added significance that he is not considered important.

What is the main point of Lord of the Flies?

The overarching theme of Lord of the Flies is the conflict between the human impulse towards savagery and the rules of civilization which are designed to contain and minimize it. Throughout the novel, the conflict is dramatized by the clash between Ralph and Jack, who respectively represent civilization and savagery..

Who was eaten in Lord of the Flies?


What is ironic about the way the boys were rescued?

What is ironic about the rescue of the boys? It is ironic that the rift between Ralph and Jack began over the issue of keeping the rescue fire burning, and the fi re that finally effects their rescue was set to destroy Ralph.

Does Ralph understand why he must be killed?

Does Ralph understand why he must be killed? Yes, he understands that Jack thinks Ralph must be killed rather than making a peace treaty with him.

What is the irony of Samneric’s behavior?

They even aggressively tell Ralph to leave and are painted like savages. Ironically, Samneric have become the beings they once despised and attempt to kill Ralph, the person they once admired, by telling the savages where he is hiding.

What is Ralph’s reaction to being on the island?

Ralph is utterly delighted at first. He takes off his clothes, does a hand-stand, and goes for a swim. Like most boys of his age, Ralph sees the absence of parental supervision as a great opportunity to have fun and do whatever he wants. Thanks to the prodding of Piggy, however, Ralph soon comes back down to earth.