How does the narrator describe her room in the Yellow Wallpaper?

How does the narrator describe her room in the Yellow Wallpaper?

The room is described as taking up almost the whole floor, which tells us that it is spacious. Our narrator notes that there are bars on the window, which leads her to assume that it has previously been used as a nursery and a playroom.

What effect does the first-person point of view of the yellow wallpaper most likely have on the reader apex?

The first-person point of view helps the reader connect with the narrator because the reader hears the narrator’s voice as she becomes more mentally unstable.

What is the point of view in the yellow wallpaper Brainly?

“The Yellow Wallpaper” is told from a first person point of view. The author describes her own experiences in her journal. This makes the story particularly powerful. The author talks about how she perceives the world.

Who is the narrator of The Yellow Wallpaper?


What can the reader use to best interpret the theme of a story The Yellow Wallpaper?

Answer: The reader can best interpret the theme of “The Yellow Wallpaper” as the subjugation of women at that time and the repercussions it can lead to. Explanation: And this will eventually lead to her imagination of the woman behind the yellow wallpaper and in the end, identifies herself into that woman.

How is the reader most likely affected by the use of the first person?

Answer: C. The reader hears the narrator’s voice as she slowly goes insane, which helps the reader better connect with the narrator. The first person point of view enables the peruser to link with the storyteller and hear the voice as she dives into frantic ness.

What kind of narrator causes the reader to suspect a lack of credibility or trustworthiness?

unreliable narrator

What can the reader look at to recognize the particular voice of a story?

A reader of any selection of text can recognize the voice of a story by looking the words used, tone, and usage of language.

How does the narrator describe the wallpaper once she begins to feel better?

The speaker begins to feel irritated with her husband and wishes he would “take another room.” She believes the pattern in the wallpaper is a woman trying to get out, and she wants to free her. When the speaker starts to feel better, she describes the wallpaper at interesting.

What activity does the narrator participate in that her husband hates in the Yellow Wallpaper?

By hiding her only form of self-expression, the narrator rebels against John’s orders both as her husband and her doctor. This contributes to the growing gap between how she appears to him, and how she feels inside.