How is the number 3 Spelt in French?

How is the number 3 Spelt in French?

French Numbers

Number French Spelling Pronunciation
2 deux duhr
3 trois twah
4 quatre katr
5 cinq sank

How do you spell 123 in French?

  1. Un.
  2. Deux.
  3. Trois.
  4. Quatre.
  5. Cinq.
  6. Six.
  7. Sept.
  8. Huit.

What is the meaning of Ooh La La?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ooh la la /ˌuː lɑː ˈlɑː/ interjection said when you think that something or someone is surprising, unusual, or sexually attractive – used humorouslyOrigin ooh la la (1900-2000) French ô là! là!

Who sings Ooh La La on the Alexa commercial?


What song is played on Alexa commercial?

Amazon Alexa Commercial – Sustainable – Song by Dream Sitch Here’s the new 2021 commercial for Amazon’s Alexa that focuses on protecting the environment and communities, and shows a youngster requesting “Alexa, let’s get sustainable”.

Who is the girl in the Amazon commercial?

Black & white photo , Julia Meade, a theatrical, motion picture and television actress, is also well known as a frequent TV commercial spokesperson…..

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Who sings remix your routine song?

Routine (Remix) [Explicit] by Kyler on Amazon Music –

Who is in the Alexa ironing commercial?

Portia de Rossi

Who is in the new Alexa commercial?

Michael B. Jordan

Who is the black ballerina in the Amazon commercial?

The star of Amazon’s 2020 Christmas advert, ballerina Taïs Vinolo, has spoken about the importance of representation on screen, expressing her hope that her performance will inspire young black girls to pursue ballet.