How long does GTA 4 take to install?

How long does GTA 4 take to install?

My GTA 4 is taking a very long time to extract files and install. Is this normal? It depends on how long. Around 30 minutes is standard (I believe).

How long does GTA take to install disc?

A full install usually takes 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the game.

How do I download and install GTA 4?

How to Download Red GTA 4 via Rockstar Games Website

  1. Go to and click the GTA Collection.
  2. You will see GTA 4 on the search page.
  3. Now, add it to Basket and click on Proceed to Checkout.
  4. You then need to make the payment of Rs 999 to purchase the game and download it on your PC.

How many GB is GTA 4 setup?

GTA 4 Windows Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Memory Memory 1.5GB XP / 1.5GB Vista
Graphics Graphics 256MB NVIDIA 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900
DirectX DirectX DirectX 9.0c compliant card
Storage Storage 32GB of Hard Disc Space

Can I run GTA 4 in 2gb RAM?

This allows GTA 4 to utilise up to 4 GB of RAM, whereas default it can only take advantage of up to 2 GB RAM.

Why does GTA V install take so long?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a huge game, the file being around 60GB. With a decent internet internet connection, it can take almost a day to download if you leave your Playstaion 4 on rest mode so it downloads in the background.

Can you play GTA 5 before it’s fully installed?

The game is downloaded and installed fully. That’s how preloads work. The moment the timer ends you can start the game without having to download or install anything.

Is GTA IV free?

Rockstar Games has updated the PC version of GTA IV and re-released it as the GTA IV: The Complete Edition. Owners of either the base game or the standalone Episodes from Liberty City expansion will automatically receive the complete edition.

Why is GTA 4 so slow?

Why does GTA 4 lag on high end PC? The game only really scales across 3 cores, but in addition to the usual CPU tasks, the CPU draws all the in-game shadows because that’s how it was coded on Xbox 360. As a result, you need a CPU with very high single core performance to get the best performance out of GTA IV.