How much does it cost to get into Ushuaia?

How much does it cost to get into Ushuaia?

Entry before 6pm – 30€ Standard Ticket – 40€ Door Price – 50€

What is Ushuaia Ibiza known for?

Both hotels are situated in Platja d’en Bossa, Ibiza and have 415 rooms between them. Ushuaïa is ranked one of the world’s best clubs by DJ Magazine, where it has been given a top ten standing since 2015. The club has a capacity of 4,000 people, and is one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza.

Is Ushuaia closed?

COVID-19 EVENT UPDATE Due to the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis and considering the actions of the Spanish government, we regret to inform you that it has been confirmed that we will not be able to open nor celebrate any events in Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel this season due to Force Majeure.

How much are drinks in Ushuaia Ibiza?

Ushuaia is pretty big, I bought the tickets downtown so I did not have to line there. Getting there between 5pm and 6pm is too early. There are quite a few satellite bars and drinks are expensive, cocktails around 18 euros, Heineken is 12 euros.

How much is a table at Ushuaia 2021?

The table prices at Ushuaia Beach Club range between €500 to €4000. The average table at Ushuaia Beach Club will cost around €1500. On most events, with a budget of €1500, you will be able to reserve the table Main VIP 2 for up to 4 guests.

What is open in Ibiza now?


  • IBIZA ROCKS BAR. Who’s ready for a Chicken Pitta?
  • O BEACH. Our San Antonio neighbour, O Beach are back open for the summer.
  • WI-KI-WOO.
  • 528 IBIZA.

Is Ushuaia safe?

Ushuaia: Health & Safety The area of Tierra del Fuego in general is very safe with regard to crime. You needn’t worry about your personal safety while visiting here. The locals are welcoming and friendly to visitors and rarely are there are reports of any inappropriate or criminal behavior.

What does Ushuaia mean in English?

The word Ushuaia comes from the Yaghan language: ush and waia (“bay” or “cove”) and means “deep bay” or “bay to background”.

Can you see Antarctica from Ushuaia?

The classic way to see Antarctica is on an 11-12 day voyage from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula. You will have plenty of time to explore the channels and icebergs as well as boarding small Zodiac boats to visit penguin colonies.

Will Ibiza be on green list?

The often popular Spanish destinations in the Balearic Islands have been removed from the UK’s green list. Holiday locations in the chain of islands that include Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca, are now all on the UK’s amber list.

Where is the Ushuaia club in Ibiza located?

Ushuaïa The Club is located in the heart of the Ushuaïa beach hotel, where everything becomes a huge dance floor Ushuaïa club is one of the most iconic venues on the island.

How to make a reservation for the Ushuaia club?

If you made your reservation through or, please write to us at [email protected] or call 34 971 92 81 93. If you booked through an intermediary, such as a travel agency, contact them directly to manage the changes.

When does the Ushuaia 2020 season start and end?

The Ushuaïa 2020 season begins on May 9 with the Odyssey party, a 24-hour music festival. The party begins in Ushuaïa and ends in its sister Hï Ibiza. This same festival will close the season on October 10, Odissey Ushuaïa closing party ODYSSEY: Ushuaïa & Hï Ibiza opening party,

Do you have to pay early for Ushuaia tickets?

For some events at Ushuaïa, like Tomorrowland or ANTS, you have the option of buying tickets with Early Entry at a cheaper price, but it obliges you to arrive at the club before a certain hour. If you arrive after that hour, you will be allowed to enter, but you’ll have to pay the difference with the door price.