How much money did Thoroughly Modern Millie make?

How much money did Thoroughly Modern Millie make?

The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards. It ranked eighth among high-grossing films of 1967. In 2000, it was adapted for a successful stage musical of the same name….

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Language English
Budget $6 million
Box office $34,335,025 (US) $40 million (Worldwide)

Who was originally supposed to play Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie?

Sutton Foster
The original cast included Sutton Foster as Millie, Marc Kudisch as Trevor, Angela Christian as Miss Dorothy, Gavin Creel as Jimmy, Harriet Sansom Harris as Mrs. Meers, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Muzzy Van Hossmere, Ken Leung as Ching Ho, Francis Jue as Bun Foo, and Anne L.

Who did Sutton Foster replace in Millie?

Dilly is the second actress to bow out of playing the “modern” flapper – Kristin Chenoweth was originally chosen for the role, but went to Hollywood for a sitcom deal instead. Replacing Dilly will be actress Sutton Foster.

Who wrote the music for Thoroughly Modern Millie?

Jeanine Tesori
Doug Besterman
Thoroughly Modern Millie/Composers

Is Thoroughly Modern Millie Golden Age?

Thoroughly Modern Millie is a contemporary musical that’s based on a post-golden-age film and set in the 1920s.

How old is Julie Andrews?

86 years (October 1, 1935)
Julie Andrews/Age

How old was Julie Andrews when she made Thoroughly Modern Millie?

The musical adaptation called for a versatile young actress who was also an accomplished singer. Although a number of established stars coveted the part, Lerner, Loewe and director Moss Hart decided to take a chance on the 20-year-old Julie Andrews, who had never before acted in such a demanding role.

Why is Megan Mullally not doing Anything Goes?

Directed and choreographed by Tony winner Kathleen Marshall—who helmed the 2011 Broadway revival of the Cole Porter musical—the limited run will now continue an additional two weeks through October 31. It was previously announced that Foster replaced Megan Mullally, who withdrew from the show due to an injury.

Why is Sutton Foster replacing Megan Mullally?

Two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster will reprise the role of Reno Sweeney in Cole Porter & P.G. Wodehouse’s musical comedy Anything Goes this summer at London’s Barbican Theatre. Foster replaces Megan Mullally, who has withdrawn from the show due to an injury.

How old is Sutton Lenore?

46 years (March 18, 1975)
Sutton Foster/Age

Who is Muzzy in Thoroughly Modern Millie?

Carol Channing
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) – Carol Channing as Muzzy Van Hossmere – IMDb.

Is Julie Andrews married?

Blake Edwardsm. 1969–2010
Tony Waltonm. 1959–1967
Julie Andrews/Spouse