How was Tom taken when it came time to fulfill his bargain at the end of the story?

How was Tom taken when it came time to fulfill his bargain at the end of the story?

At the end of the story, he is carried away by Old Scratch, just like his wife. Tom also carries his Bible with him everywhere in hopes that having it will thwart the Devil’s ability to wisk Tom away and fulfill the contract they made together. Unfortunately for Tom, the Devil calls on Tom when he is without his Bible.

What happens to Tom at the end of the story?

what happens to Tom at the end of the book? the devil came and put him on the back of his horse, and galloped into a thunderstorm. all his bonds and mortgages were in cinders, his gold and silver was filled with chips and shavings, 2 skeletons lay in place of his horses and his house caught on fire and burnt…

What kind of business does Tom run in the Devil and Tom Walker?

Money lender

Why is Tom’s vast house an act of ostentation?

Firstly, the fact that Tom has a “vast” house shows that he is materialistic and keen to show off his wealth to other people. This idea is further reinforced by the word “ostentatious,” meaning that the house is designed to be showy and to impress others. Tom clearly cares a lot about what other people think of him.

Is there anyway Tom could have escaped the consequences of his deal with the devil?

The most obvious way that Tom could have gotten out of the deal was by not making it in the first place; it was clear that he was under no obligation to commit to it, and that Scratch was neither pressing him nor really all that interested in pursuing the matter.

Does Tom really change when he becomes religious explain your answer?

Does Tom really change when he becomes religious? No tom does not change. He just starts going to church and is still violent and continues to run his business the same.

What trait does Tom Walker embody?

Hover for more information. In Washington Irving’s short story “The Devil and Tom Walker,” the protagonist, Tom Walker, is described as a “meagre, miserly” fellow who conspires to cheat his wife—who is equally as meagre and miserly as he is!

Who is the main character in The Devil and Tom Walker?

The main characters in “The Devil and Tom Walker” are Tom Walker, Tom’s wife, Old Scratch, Captain Kidd, and Geoffrey Crayon. Tom Walker is a miser who makes a deal with the devil. Tom’s wife is a similarly miserly woman, who dies while attempting to make a bargain with the devil.